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Dex ... the Samsung platform turns a mobile phone into a home computer

Dex … the Samsung platform turns a mobile phone into a home computer

Many Samsung phone buyers may not be aware that they can use their devices as a home computer or laptop, thanks to an application launched and developed by the Korean company in recent years.

According to the site “GizmodoThe Dex app allows anyone who owns Samsung phones or tablets to navigate their content on their computer screen using a computer mouse and keyboard.

Thanks to the “DeX” platform launched by Samsung in 2017 before it was modified and improved in 2019, the user can easily access their phone applications through their computer screen, and thus perform many tasks with less effort . For example, you can Edit documents, send text messages, and preview applications. Clearly and bigger, and more, without the need to transfer files to a computer.

To use the “Dix” platform, the special application must be downloaded through the links provided by the “Samsung” website, according to the operating systems on which the computer is running, whether Windows or Mac.

When the phone is connected, be it wired or wireless, the computer will recognize the Samsung phone and its content will appear on the big screen.

Subsequently, the user can perform many tasks, such as quickly transferring files from the phone to the computer, or vice versa, and operating the phone as if it were a computer using the “mouse” and keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy tablets in their latest versions can also be paired with the phone through the “Dix” platform, by pressing the Dex icon in the quick settings panel to switch to a desktop-like screen.

It is also possible to use the wireless connection mode with the TV screen using the “Miracast” transmission protocol, and then if there is a TV screen or transmission device that supports that protocol, the wireless connection address will be displayed in the TV screen.

After the Samsung phone or tablet is connected to the computer or the TV screen, the order must be approved to allow the start of the “DEX” mode, noting that an alert may appear on the screen allowing the user to control the cursor displayed on the computer screen by moving the cursor displayed on the phone or tablet screen.

After that, the user can go to the settings panel in the “Dix” platform on the desktop “computer screen” and then you will find various options rendered to change the wallpaper, font size and other features.

The user can also click the small application network icon at the bottom left of the screen, to display the list of applications and run the applications they need, move them to the taskbar or change their size.

One of the downsides of using the platform is that not all Android apps will work properly, but most of them will adapt well when opened on the big screen.

And Samsung warns that the user’s phone may overheat during the activation of the “Dix” platform, due to the rapid drain on the phone’s battery. Therefore, this platform is useful for doing some tasks that are difficult to perform on the phone, such as writing a long text message.