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Diablo 4: Activision loves the title

Activision he has total confidence in the team he is giving life to Devil 4, and this is clearly apparent from the words spent by Daniel Alegre, director of operations from Activision Blizzard, during the recent conference with retained investors May 4th.

Speaking of the various games of Devil in development in Snow storm (three titles in total), happy I declare that Activision he hopes they will “greatly expand and delight the community and exceed their expectations.”

Each game has a different objective. Oneself Diablo 2 risen is intended to bring the experience of a classic title to the world of modern games, respecting its standards (the game, among other things, will support old saves), Immortal devil (still scheduled for 2021) is supposed to bring an authentic version of the classic series to mobile devices, but it is Devil 4 the real tip of the spear.

Activision is convinced that the game “will advance the art of action role-playing games”, and the company has developed this certainty on the basis of the positive reception that has been given to the advances that have emerged from BlizzCon last February. Since that time, he has ensured happy, the team continued to “achieve important development milestones.”

The hope of the players is that in Activision I have seen it well, also because what it has shown so far Snow storm looks promising enough. We just have to cross our fingers and wait to find out if happy He told the truth about the title.