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Did you get an echo or ring?Soon, Amazon will use them to share the Internet with the new “Sidewalk” network.


Angels (KTLA) – Amazon Is creating a new network called Sidewalk This can improve the behavior of many devices connected to the Internet, make setup easier, and may help you find your lost pet. But to do that, they start sharing a small portion of the ring and echo device owner’s home internet connection.

“There are real privacy concerns … and there are exaggerated privacy concerns … but it’s still in the very early stages,” said Chris Davis, Editor-in-Chief. SlashGear, Consumer technology website.

The Sidewalk network leverages a variety of Amazon devices, including Ring Spotlight and Timeout cams, and Echo product laundry lists. These devices act as small “bridges” across the United States, connecting networks to nearby areas everywhere.

“Amazon is definitely doing everything it can to turn on these various overpasses as much as possible … to allow as many places as you can connect,” Davis said.

That’s why Amazon automatically joins the network. That is, if you have one of these devices, it will be included in the share.

Amazon explained it in a recent email to affected users, even including opt-out instructions.

They also explained advantage Network: Makes it easy to set up and stay connected to certain smart home gadgets even if WiFi is cut off. For example, if WiFi is temporarily down and you can communicate with the Sidewalk network, smart bulbs may continue to function properly.

One of the features Amazon is promoting is the ability to find lost items and even pets. This is because Tile is signed on as a participant and Amazon plans to create its own tracking device that runs on the network.

“When people experience it for the first time and you don’t have to spend $ 500 to find your car key and program a new set … it definitely puts people on this idea that this is what they want. I’ll let you go, “said Davis.

Again, to make all this work, Amazon uses a small portion of your home Internet connection to share with the community. All activity on the network is encrypted and no personal internet activity is shared with anyone. According to Amazon, data delivery is limited to 500 megabytes per month.

“It’s certainly a source of concern, a little skeptical and tired … well, because Amazon doesn’t have the best track record in privacy and these devices,” said Victoria Song, Gizmodo’s consumer technology reporter. I did.

The headline for her recent article is “You need to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk.. “

“Engineers like to move fast, they like to break things and confuse things without thinking about what the social impact is for consumers themselves,” Song said.

The plan itself is pretty clear, but the sneaky part that much of the tech world is at stake is the fact that Amazon turns on participation by default. This means that millions of users can unknowingly share an internet connection.

“Before we blindly trust a company, we really have to wait for an independent security researcher on the consumer side to see if it approves something,” Song concludes.

If you choose to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk, here’s how to do it:

Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android
Tap more
Tap Account Settings
Tap Amazon Sidewalk
Switch off to disable participation

You can always change your mind and join again later.

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