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Didier Deschamps before the Blues friendly against Wales: "Split playing time"

Didier Deschamps before the Blues friendly against Wales: “Split playing time”

“You have collected the finalists of the European Cups. What state are they in?
Happy. A little tired, but here it is, the group is full since noon. The three Chelsea players (Giroud, Kanté and Zouma) will have a suitable job and will not be affected by tomorrow’s game (Wednesday v Wales).

“The collective force will always be stronger than the individual force”

What do you expect from the Benzema-Griezmann-Mbappé attacking trio?
There will be an offensive animation at the start of the match, perhaps another in progress. There are positions, complementarity. Quality, they have it. It will also depend on our midfield. I can’t separate them from the rest of the team (…) I only have two friendlies. I have six changes, so there will be allotted playing time. My priority is to prepare the team for June 15th.

After a week, do you have the feeling that you have resisted the media polarization around Benzema?
To resist? This means that there would be a pushing force … I repeat, for us it is a non-event. Karim is very envious, he like the others. Honestly, there is no focus or anything. When I need to talk to him, I talk to him. He is full of envy. But the collective force will always be stronger than the individual force.

What do you think of the elimination of Hopes from its Euro, this Monday, by the Netherlands (1-2)?
I did not see the first period but the second complete when the French team was very dominant. Afterwards, I will remain factual: the result leads to some analysis. What is all this? A goal at 92. It developed little by little. From there to question everything that France does well and that all other countries envy us … Yes, it is a disappointment because there was potential to continue. Even if I don’t forget that there were some contingencies in the players that Sylvain (Ripoll) he wanted to drink and he could not take. The French team would have deserved the classification, but it is not like that.

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What do you think of the hundredth as captain of Hugo Lloris?
Hugo is a high-level player, a great professional. He is not very expansive but when he has something to say he says it. It is a good example to follow. Years go by but he does everything he can to support himself. It has no limits to be imposed. Records are made to be broken. Yours, however, will be difficult.

Can individual talent compensate for automatisms?
Nerd. It takes time, like everywhere else. When there are smart players, it promotes acceleration. But I am convinced that talent and quality are not enough to win games. “