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Digital sovereignty: in Switzerland, the army forced to use Threema messaging

Digital sovereignty: in Switzerland, the army forced to use Threema messaging

The Swiss application Threema, available for a fee and available on iOS and Android, has been consolidated into a new official body in the country: the army. Military personnel in operation are no longer authorized to use WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger.

“Digital Sovereignty”. Since 2017, the French government has only had this formula in its mouth. During the Covid-19 crisis, Cédric O, the Secretary of State for Digital, even used this argument to justify the use of a centralized protocol for TousAntiCovid. Quite the opposite of other European countries, most of which want to offer application interoperability.

However, you have to travel to Switzerland to discover more concrete examples of digital sovereignty. In fact, the Swiss Army sent an email to all commanders and chiefs of staff at the end of December asking them, as well as the soldiers under their command, to stop using WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. Now they will have to use Threema, a secure messaging app developed and based in Switzerland. A valid recommendation for all communications made on private phones during operations.

The Threema application is already used in public administrations throughout the country. It is considered more secure in terms of data protection, in particular because messaging services like WhatsApp are subject to the Cloud Act, a US law that allows US judges to order access to data held by US carriers. regardless of where they are. Threema, since it was developed and hosted in Switzerland, is not subject to any law other than Swiss law.

Tresma. Secure and private messaging

Threema is a completely secure instant messaging application. Confidentially communicate with your friends, family, colleagues through instant messaging, audio and video calls, etc.

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The Swiss Army has clarified that the cost of downloading the application, which is just under €4, will be covered by everyone. Threema, available for iOS and Android, is based on an open source protocol. End-to-end encryption, it does not collect any data about its users.