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Direct Response CRMs: 5 Benefits of its Usage


Direct Response Marketing is often incorrectly associated with brand marketing. If that’s a revelation to you, then you’re in for a treat! Unlike popular belief, advertising doesn’t mean the ad campaigns for Nike or Starbucks as you see on the billboards or YouTube. Instead, these are what are called ‘thought-provoking’ ads that brands do to get noticed. But, what about the other kind of advertisement or marketing? Well, here’s the grub: this type of advertising gives control to the customers and helps them to make their decision faster. Didn’t see that coming? Before going into how it all takes place in the bigger picture, let’s take a closer look at Direct Response Marketing. 

Direct Response Marketing: What is it that sets it apart?

Have you ever been in a dilemma when you buy something online? What do you do then to be confident in your decision? What if you’re reminded then by a popup that you can try everything you purchase and can return it if you’re not satisfied? Will that change your mind about buying that pink crop top you’ve been eyeing for a long time? That’s one of the many things that Direct Response Marketing does! 

Unlike the conventional advertisement which appeals to the viewer’s emotional quotient, direct response marketing is an action-oriented event to generate instant ROIs. It helps you to make a decision such as buying a product or sharing a blog on Facebook. The best part about the direct response campaign is its specific goals; both short and long-term objectives. 

There can be many elements of direct response marketing and some of these may include:  

  • Based on Consumer Problems

Since the direct response marketing ads are based on the response of your customers from the ad, it only works when it focuses on them getting better solutions. For example, if they’re looking for a certain thing to learn from, in a written form, it’ll only make sense when you provide it to them in a white paper or newsletter format.

  • Custom and Target-audience

The most important thing for any business owner is to realize that their customers are individuals having different aspects to their requirements, and would prefer to have direct, personalized interaction with a business. 

  • Clarity in Call-To-Action

It’s essential for a business to set the right CTAs for their audience to perform an action, based on their need. It may also include non-sales objectives like that of accepting an invitation to attend an event or subscribing to your blog for free. The more clear your CTAs are, the more accessible they’ll be to your viewers. 

  • Evoke Urgency

The sense of urgency to make a response is what gives you an increased conversion rate. Therefore, emphasizing time limits, exclusivity, or even competition can help your audience to make a decision quickly. 

Benefits of using Direct Response CRMs

There can be numerous benefits that Direct Response Marketing can deliver because of its instantaneous ROIs and massive lead generation. However, collating actionable consumer information is a laborious and vigilant process, that’s best done with the help of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It’s not just that such tools will be able to help you analyze, identify, and help you provide better solutions to your clients; it may also safely keep all of your valuable customer data that when missed may cause revenue damage. Here are the six benefits that using a CRM may give: 

  • In Construction Industry

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, efficient project management is crucial. Harness the power of a dedicated construction CRM to streamline client interactions, improve job tracking, and boost team productivity. Ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish with this innovative tool.

  • Better controls in handling customer data

It’s always a good call to record data when your customers interact with your online store, no matter the actions. It’s so relevant as the positive experiences would give you an insight into what went right, and the negative ones would tell you what went wrong. While recording it all on sticky notes may be fine at first, but as your business expands it may get tedious to do it all. This is when the CRM allows you to put it all together for helping your customers.

  • Promotes better customer service

CRMs can be instrumental to help you deliver the best of customer service to your customers. With better customer contacts and their preferences, you may be closer to providing profound customer support easily. 

  • Enhances communication

Using a CRM can reduce so much hassle for you and your customers as you’re working with them. Because of their cloud-based accessibility, you don’t have to worry about assisting your customers via a single point of contact since they’re familiar with the customer. Instead, anyone can assist them accurately categorize data for future reference. 

  • Makes easy automation of everyday tasks

Making the first sale is a challenging task, especially when there are so many different elements that need to work perfectly. From filling out forms correctly, sending reports to handling legal issues, everything is a prerequisite for making sales. This is when automation comes in handy to blow off steam from your shoulders and relying on an automated process to take care of all the little details. 

  • Better Data Reporting & Analysis

Incorrectly recorded data can be a stumbling stone in your journey to business growth and prominence. Using a CRM removes any such possibility since it auto-stores all your data in one place, and thus yields meaningful reports. With the CRM you may also integrate several plugins to auto-generate timely reports. You can also have a custom dashboard, equipped with all required customer information, objectives, and other fields that may help you to know your customers better to serve them.


Direct response marketing can yield quick, value-based results from your viewers or customers based on your current objectives. Direct response CRMs can take you closer to understanding your customer requirements as well as refine the process for a seamless, time-efficient result. Here are some of our recommendations of eCommerce CRMs that can help you to have a headstart with your customers as well as manage your online store:

  • Sticky.io
    Formerly known as Limelight CRM, they’re a full-scale eCommerce platform that can help you in creating and executing online campaigns, funnels, landing pages, and more. Their specialized eCommerce features and easy integration can help you scale and manage revenue all in one place. 
  •  Salesforce Sales Cloud

This on-demand CRM platform is apt for all-scale businesses for managing sales, growing leads, and managing marketing automation. Their user-friendly CRM solutions can help you to create clean pipelines for various processes and track progress.

One of the more popular CRMs of current times, they’re known for their dynamic range of features perfect for B2B, B2C, and other small and medium businesses. Their omni channel communication helps you handle and get notified of all your customer interactions. 

You’ll often need some help when it comes to integrating a CRM with whatever platform you choose to use. Below we’ve listed some of the options for choosing a CRM developer.

A great site for finding the best individual developers for your project. Here you’ll be able to easily find a developer who has experience with your platform, and integration of CRMs. 

  • Upwork
    Another freelance developer site. Like Freelancer, it’s a popular place to find experienced developers for any sort of project you need. 
  • CodeClouds
    There are not many developers that focus on Direct Response CRMs like the sticky platform, and CodeClouds is the largest. They have experienced CRM integration experts ready to be hired on with predictable monthly development packages.
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