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Discord and Sony PlayStation: now it is possible to join

La lunga mano gave a laughter accord ormai dallo scorso aprile. The partnership between Discord and Sony PlayStation, born to offer new ways to integrate the experience of its number one console in the world, joined by your friends and your community could see it, has finally given its fruits.

Discord if you can join the PlayStation –

It is ne parlava già da a bit of this important newcomer, ma come si suol dire now è ufficiale. The piattaforma statunitense di VoIP, instantaneous messaging and digital distribution projected for the communication of the video community, with chiamate vocali, video chiamate, messaging di testo, media e file in private chat or as a member of a server, has given the announcement that I am constantly watching.

Discord is gradually implementing, throughout Europe, the possibility of collegating the PSN account da Discord Directly on PlayStation 4, later PlayStation 5 on your user profile. It works better or less eat if you do, when if you join the account Discord to an other service that you consent to visualize your activity.

Have fun and communicate easily while playing forever

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PlayStation 5 –

Una volta collegato il tuo account disagree, il gioco if you directly transfer your PS4 or PS through this percorso: Impostazioni Utente, quindi Collegamenti. If anchor is not available, just be patient, the implementation will arrive shortly.

Discord fa sapere che prays “can also scegliere di visualizzare il tuo ID online PlayStation Network sul tuo profilo, in modo che i tuoi amici Discord possano aggiungerti e taggarti”. In this way it is possible to know if your friend is currently playing a game that supports cross-play on another platform.

Our goal is to advance the experience of Discord and PlayStation on its console and mobile device starting from the beginning of next year, allowing friends, groups and community of uscire, to have fun and communicate easily with everyone“. I sewed a raggiante Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE.

I consent to the giocatori to create a community and to godere of experience of gioco condivise è al centro di ciò che facciamo – spike – quindi non vediamo l’ora di iniziare questo viaggio con uno dei servizi di comunicazione più famous al mundo“.

Discord sa il fatto suo. E’ estata fondata nel 2015 come piattaforma per consentire ai giocatori di videogiochi di chattare mentre giocano online. Currently it has more than 140 million of mensili utenti (for a total that exceeds two million), with many community dedicated to a series of argomenti legati ai giochi e non solo. The statunitense platform works on your Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad OS, Linux. Ma also nei web browser, thank you for an app.