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Discounts for the National Day on mobiles and screens in eXtra today and incredible discounts of up to 50%

Discounts for the National Day on mobiles and screens in eXtra today and incredible discounts of up to 50%

National Day Discounts on mobiles and displays at eXtra Today, eXtra is one of the most famous stores that offers the best mobile phones with all the accessories the phone needs, at reasonable prices for all categories. The objective that eXtra works for is to provide everyone with the best purchase and access to the best products, at the lowest prices, and in the following article you will find the most outstanding products that Extra offers.

Exeter offers you deals on many modern devices that every Saudi citizen needs, and the most prominent products on offer are the powerful Huawei Mate S Touch Made mobile phone, the Apple iPhone S6 Plus mobile phone, the Apple Iphone S6 Plus Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Note 5 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge mobile phone.

Extra offers on mobiles

Offer includes Sony Xperia Z3, HTC One M9 LTE, Motorola Nexus 6 Midnight Blue, Huawei P8 Max, LG G4 Dual SIM Slide LG G4 Dual Sim Leather Black, Asus Laptop LED Full HD, Acer Laptop, Acer Laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tab

More discounts and offers from eXtra

The offer includes various mobile phones, the most important of which are Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Pro, HP Intel Laptop, Dell ins Touch SCR, HP Envy Touch, Lenovo Yoga, Laptop Touch. Lenovo Yoga Touch, Dell Inspiron, Apple Ipad Air, Apple Mac Mni, Toshiba Satellite Touch, Toshiba Satellite Touch laptop, Apple Ipad, Lenovo Flex, Lenovo Flex Multi-touch, Toshiba Sate laptop, Toshiba Sate laptop.

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Extra offers and discounts on screens on the occasion of National Day 91

Today, eXtra Saudi Arabia is offering deep discounts and screen discounts on the occasion of the 91st National Day. Among these offers and discounts are LG’s high-quality 65-inch Class Pro smart display, 58-inch Classbar ultra-clear display, and LG’s 75-inch ultra-clear smart display.