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discovered a cheat code that is sent at the end of the game

discovered a cheat code that is sent at the end of the game

Nier Automata continues to grind sales, and almost four years after its launch it continues to excite many gamers. He has also recently come under the spotlight for Lance McDonald, a personality known for his proximity to the world of souls, which encountered a hitherto unknown cheat code.

Having gone through his own admission hundreds of hours of reverse engineering, McDonald has found a cheat code that, once activated, send 2B directly to last final, immediately after the defeat of the first boss, thus unlocking the bonus mode. Apparently this is not a bug, but an actual code hidden within the game engine. McDonald has promised to make and share a full explainer video soon, in the meantime, he left us a short clip showing how the cheat code works (you can find it below).

Recently, it was announced that NieR Automata has surpassed 5 million copies distributed worldwide. Next year the series will be enriched with NieR Replicator, a reissue of the 2010 action RPG of the same name that never made it to Europe, and Reincarnation of Nier for mobile devices. Automata director Yoko Taro also revealed that he is working on two new games, one of which is described as “disturbing.”

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