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Do video games really help with hand-eye coordination?

Do video games really help with hand-eye coordination?

In a study called Cognitive neuroscience for video games, Professor C. Shawn Green and neuroscientist Daphne Bavelier say that while video games are intuitive to improve hand-eye coordination, most training in vision tasks only It leads to improved performance definite jobs.

In other words, when you play call of Duty, You are Get good at video games, Not a general motor function.

In 2006, University of Wisconsin I found out that an action video game was done Absent Improves reaction time or hand-eye coordination for college football players. Previous studies showed a slight improvement, but not a significant difference.

To Another study, 31 gamers were compared to 31 non-gamers for tracking rotor tasks. Gamers have found excellent eye-hand movement coordination on the tracking rotor. (A tracking rotor is a kind of visual motor tracking where someone needs to track an object with a cursor.) The time spent in the game and the length of the video game experience do not affect each individual’s performance. It seems. In other words, familiarity with this type of hand-eye tracking seemed likely to have been a prominent factor.

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