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Do you know about Android phone lock features ...?

Do you know about Android phone lock features …?

InternetDesk: Smartphone … not just a device used for communication. Everything from entertainment to payments is done on mobile. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night … whatever works … the smartphone has become a part of our life. That is why it is imperative to protect it from thieves and cybercriminals. Consequently, mobile device manufacturers are offering built-in protection tools (phone protection devices) in the latest Android smartphones. And what are those tools? … Let’s find out what kind of protection is available for your Android phone.

Screen lock

As soon as the smartphone is stolen, the thieves try to open it. It must be tightly closed to prevent others from intruding on it. Recent smartphones also have lock features like PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint sensor, and face lock. You can protect your phone with one of them. The lock function you put in is a must if you want to unlock your phone even if it is lost.

Block‌ Notification‌

You can choose which notifications should appear on the screen after your phone is locked. To do this, go to the Applications and Notifications or Notifications section in the phone settings and the lock screen notifications option will appear. All you have to do is click on it and enable the notification of the desired app. However, this feature is unique to each phone model. Also, this feature is only available on phones with Android 11 and later operating system. As a result, even if the phone is lost, others will not be able to see information related to important applications.

Find my device

Google’s Find My Device feature comes in handy when you lose your Android phone. This will allow you to locate your phone. To do this, you need to make some configuration changes. Go to Mobile Settings and under Security, an option called Find my device will appear. Enough to enable it. The Location‌ feature must be enabled for it to work. You can also lock your phone from the Find My Device website from accessing your phone data. On some phones, this feature is found in the Biometrics and Security section of the settings.


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Sometimes we keep the phone unlocked. If the unlocked phone is lost, the valuable information it contains will be lost to others. If you enable the Smart Lock feature on your phone and lock your phone, the phone will unlock when you approach or allow access to devices. This smart lock has three features. The first one will unlock the phone wherever you touch it on your body. Second, the phone will be unlocked when you go to the added locations. For example, your home, office, or places you go often. The third is unlocked when you are near or connected to frequently used devices. This means that the phone will be unlocked when it is near your PC, desktop, devices like tabs. If your phone is locked with Smart Lock, the lock symbol will appear round on the screen. This feature also only works on phones with Android 10 and later operating system.

Google Play Protect

We download many kinds of apps from Playstore. Through them, hackers deliver a variety of malware to the phone and steal user data. The Google Play Protect feature is very useful to avoid this. Detect and remove harmful apps on the phone. It also detects applications that have violated Google’s Unwanted Software Policy and transmits its information to the user. This is the default setting on the phone. To find out if this feature is enabled on your phone, go to Settings and search for Security.

For the safety of navigation

Google Chrome comes as a built-in browser on most Android phones. This will enable safe browsing mode in Chrome browser settings to keep malicious websites open while browsing. In this, you need to open the Chrome browser application on your phone and click on the three dots on the right. Then click on the Privacy & Security feature in the Settings and the Safe Browsing feature will appear. If you open it, you will see three options, namely Enhanced Protection, Standard Protection, and No Protection. Cyber ​​experts suggest that it is better to choose one of the options other than No Protection.

What applications should be allowed!

After downloading third-party apps on the phone, they require some kind of permission from the user. For example, depending on the location, contacts, messages, photo gallery, camera, microphone, and application functionality, the user must be able to use certain types of Google services. If you do not want to use an application after you have granted permission, you can revoke the permissions granted to that application. You can also ask the application to delete your collection stored until then.

Google security check

Performing frequent Google security checks and Google password checks can keep the information on your phone safe. With the help of Google Password, you can find out if the passwords of the Google accounts you are using are secure. To do this, go to the website, select the password verification feature, and follow the instructions below to see how strong your password is. In addition to typing Google Security Check in the browser for Security Check, it will tell you how many devices have logged in with your account, when the last security check was performed, and login and recovery information.

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