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Do you use the Google Chrome browser?  You must do this immediately

Do you use the Google Chrome browser? You must do this immediately

Google has released an update to version 88 for Chrome, and it’s arguably one of the biggest updates to this app in recent years. ZDNet reports that the new version fixes the so-called zero-day vulnerability known as CVE-2021-21148.

In short, zero-day vulnerabilities are program vulnerabilities that take longer to resolve. hackers to break into an alien system. The problem with the code was discovered by systems security researcher Mattias Buelens late last month, but Google said hackers began exploiting it faster than they could have shut it down.

The resulting security vulnerability has allowed malware to to hack part of the JavaScript engine that is part of Google Chrome. It is believed that it was this loophole that allowed North Korean hackers last month to hack Social media accounts of security systems researchers, although the tech giant has not confirmed this information.

Until you update your browser to version 88, your personal data may still be at risk. If you are skeptical, keep in mind that Google refuses to disclose any information about a security vulnerability in the previous version until most of it has been updated to Chrome 88.

If you have disabled automatic updates and have not yet updated to 88.0.4324.150, you can do so by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner; If you see the Update Google Chrome button, clicking it will update it, if not – congratulations, you are already using the latest and safest version of Chrome.