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Does Diallo like to play on the left?

Does Diallo like to play on the left?

Lined up several times at the left back defense post, Abdou Diallo gave his impressions of this new role.

Central defender by profession, Abdou Diallo has expanded his palette this season by exploring the left-back of the Parisian rear with some success. In the Champions League against Manchester United or Barcelona during the match, or in Ligue 1 in the clash against Lyon, the former French international of the Espoirs convinced in this role. “(I feel) pretty good. Later they trained me as a central. But in football there are no moods. If the coach puts me there, it is because he considers that I can play in this position. I give the maximum, I look on the side of PSG and the European to progress, “he explained in an interview with The team.

“Failure is not necessarily negative”

Abdou Diallo also took the opportunity to speak about his rise to power.. It all started with a catastrophic performance against Monaco in the fall… “You know, not everything was easy in my career. Failure is not necessarily negative. Monaco, I say to myself: “Okay, let’s watch the game and analyze: it is 99% good and 1% disgusting. Let’s keep the 99% which allows us to stay calm and erase the 1%. The viewer, of course, gets emotional when he watches a match and, when he is negative, criticizes. It is their role, you have to accept it ”. A thoughtful speech that bears fruit on the ground.

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