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Dortmunds: This is how the new Bitcoin machine is used at Saturn


In Dortmund there has been one of the three Bitcoin machines at Saturn Germany since May. But what do customers actually get when buying crypto at the ATM?

Dortmund: welcome to the 21st century or hoax? When it comes to Bitcoin and Co., opinions are (still) divided. For some it is the maximum innovation. Others can’t do anything with cryptocurrencies. Regardless of this, there is now one of the three Bitcoin machines at Saturn in Germany in Dortmund.

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Bitcoin machine in Dortmund near Saturn: customers can exchange cash for cryptocurrencies

The legitimate question that now arises: What can the Bitcoin machine do at the Saturn in Dortmund? ‘Cause he makes the news first, about the two of us echo btc as well as other reports of cryptographic portals, suspicious. Cryptocurrencies are actually digital, why do you need a vending machine?

Customers should not imagine the Bitcoin machines at Saturn in Dortmund as a classic ATM. On the contrary, the cash is exchanged there for the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum, but you do not get anything physical (more News from Dortmund in RUHR24).

But what is necessary for this? Bitcoin and Ethereum are digital. For a cryptocurrency cash transaction, users need a wallet app, a digital wallet. You must also register with the Saturn Kurant partner. An amount of money can then be selected at the machine at Saturn in Dortmund.

Bitcoin machine in Dortmund: Saturn wants to make it easier for customers to get started with cryptocurrencies

The wallet app generates a QR code that can be scanned by the machine. In this way, the converted amount can be transferred from Bitcoin or Ethereum to your own wallet.

There has been a bitcoin machine in Dortmund since May

© Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24; Felix Schlikis/Lobeca/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24

Opposite of computer image Christian Stephan, Head of Innovation Research at Mediamarktsaturn Retail Group, said that the demand for cryptocurrencies was huge. There have been Bitcoin ATMs in Austria since 2019, in a total of eleven branches at Mediamarkt and Saturn.

Bitcoin machine in Dortmund near Saturn is said to be a serious offer for cryptocurrencies

The background to this project, from which the Dortmund customers should now also benefit, should be the seriousness factor. There are numerous ways to buy cryptocurrencies on the internet. However, it is quite difficult for laymen to distinguish between serious and dubious portals.

The pilot project in Austria was a success. Now it is a logical step to try it also in Germany. There are almost 410 Saturn and Mediamarkt branches in total. So there is still room for improvement.

In addition to Dortmund, customers of Saturn and Mediamarkt can now also find Bitcoin machines in Cologne and Frankfurt. There are a total of 30 ATMs in Germany. There are 34,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide (30,000 of them in the US). While the Bitcoin machine in Saturn opened in May, “Mymuesli” announced the closure in the Thier gallery. However, there is still a discount campaign for customers.

List of rubrics: © Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24; Felix Schlikis/Lobeca/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24

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