Dota 2 Struggles, LoL Floats – Peak Players Statistics

Is Dota 2 a dead game? That’s the question you probably have heard a lot in the recent months. Well, at times, Dota 2 has proven to be a mixture of action and emotion. After Ti7, the Dota Pro Circuit system along with biweekly updates didn’t go exactly according to the plan. By the plan, we are talking about the number of peak players.

The downfall of the Dota 2 community

More than a year ago, Dota 2 had more than one million peak players. Since then, the game is still struggling hard to reach that peak. In the month of February, more than 48,000 players left the game resulting in deadlock state for Valve. For that purpose, Valve did try to fix their damage by introducing biweekly updates and Dota Plus assistant to the players. At first, the community appreciated the ideas, however, according to the statistics provided by SteamCharts, the Dota 2 community is constantly decreasing.

Dota 2 Tiny
Credits: Biggreenpepper

Often times, the new players to Dota 2 complain about how complex and hectic the game has become. Considering the time required to finish one game, most of the players now prefer to play other games such as Fortnite and PUBG.

How much peak players does LoL have?

According to Forbes, back in 2014, Riot Games revealed the number of daily players that play League of Legends. The result was astonishing. A total of 27 million players were devoted to the game daily while 67 million players played the game monthly. That number is huge considering the number of PC gamers in this world. Moreover, that amount is not coming slow in 2018. About seven months ago, the co-founders of the game, Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill and Brandon “Ryze” Beck claimed that League of Legends has surpassed monthly 100 million active users. If you compare it with Dota 2, then the growth is immense.

Why LoL has a bigger fanbase than Dota 2?

The answer to this question lies within the community and the developers of both the games. Consider the fanbase for now. the community is an important element due to which the franchises generate most of their revenue. The community sticks to the game as long as the developers hear them out and consider applying different variations in the game.

Dota 2 vs LoL
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For League of Legends, Riot Games has always given preference to the community. On the other side, due to a limited number of developers, Valve is not able to fulfill every demand of their community. This is where all the gap is created.