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Download mp3 from youtube On PC

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • How to download MP3 files from Youtube
  • Applications to download mp3 from Youtube on PC
  • Advantages of using Youtube to MP3 Converting Applications
  • Disadvantages of using Youtube to MP3 Converting Applications
  • Conclusion

Do you love to travel? If so, then you definitely know that traveling is incomplete without good music. You may have been on tours and enjoy summers on highlands and hill stations. Throughout your tour or trips, you may love listening to good uninterrupted music that cherishes your soul and helps you to calm down and relax.

Youtube is the best source for music, but it does not support listening to music outside the app and without an active internet connection, so you have to convert your favorite video song to MP3 format and then download it. There are numerous online websites and platforms that can convert music videos or audio files into your desired format. Using these online tools, you can get your desired files and play offline in your conformable time on your PC.

How to download MP3 files from Youtube

In the modern era of video streaming, MP3 as a popular format has been playing a big part. Do you just want an audio file from Youtube videos? Well, there will be many reasons that you opt for converting Youtube to mp3. There are a lot of shareware tools, freeware, and online programs that can help you in this regard.

Converting Youtube videos to mp3 files is an interesting thing. This can be done with several methods using online or offline tools. But it is difficult to choose the best platform to convert a video to MP3, especially where there are multiple files to convert.

Do you want to convert your files without losing quality? Conversion of your files totally depends upon the tool you choose. There are thousands of tools available over the internet that claim better services with different mp3, mp4, Flac, Wav, and many other conversion formats. 

Applications to download mp3 from Youtube on PC

You might’ve installed or used many online tools to convert the videos that you like from Youtube to mp3. Your files may be in hundreds of megabytes to a couple of gigabytes. That’s why you want to go for converter tools. Here are the top Five online converters you can use. 

  1. MP3DL.CC
  4. freedownloadhq

All of these amazing tools are freely available and are very easy to use. You only have to download and convert them to your desired format like MP3, MP4, Wav, or any other. Every person feels the need for the conversion of music, movies, or YouTube content into mp3 format. The above-mentioned platform can better assist you in this regard. Each tool has its own unique features and steps to follow. Here, what you simply need to do is click on one of the tools and enjoy your music by downloading.

 Advantages of using Youtube to MP3 Converting Applications

You may love music and listen to good, entertaining, and soft music every day because it is a perfect escape from hectic and busy routines. Youtube is a good choice for that, but sometimes one can not always look for it because of internet issues or busy scheduled work.

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This problem can be overcome by using online tools that can help you to download and convert videos from youtube and let you enjoy your favorite music offline anywhere you want. There are many advantages of using these converting tools that make them a good choice for you.  

  • You can download and also convert as many videos as you want because there is a download limit.
  • Most of these online tools are free. They do not need any subscription charges.
  • It helps you to save your space, as we all know that videos can acquire more space than audio files. You can convert MP3 format videos from Youtube that have less file size.
  • The sound quality of the audio is not compromised when using these online converters. The sound quality remains the same after conversion.
  • There is no option for downloading a whole youtube playlist. With the help of these tools, you can play your favorite playlist anytime without an internet connection.
  • The tools also have a video and audio cutter. You just have to adjust two bars and select the time frame and cut the file. 
  • Tools are also compatible with almost all devices.
  • If you opt for free tools, then you do not need to pay a certain amount for the premium services.
  • With the help of downloaders and converter tools, you can enjoy your favorite songs by downloading them.

Disadvantages of using Youtube to MP3 Converting Applications

Most of the music videos, especially the videos on Youtube, are copyrighted, and there is no website on the internet or an app that can convert without losing the quality of the video or audio file. Thus there are some disadvantages too of using online downloading and conversion tools.

The speed of downloading and conversion is affected by the internet connection.

  • No multiple conversions at a time
  • Some tools need to download the whole software and install it on your PC
  • Some of the tools may also need registration with a Google account.
  • Some of the platforms also require a premium subscription.
  • MP3 extensions for your browser may increase the vulnerability to attacks from viruses that can do some severe damage to your system.
  • The quality of audio in the mp3 depends on the compression or conversion software used in the process.


Downloading mp3 from Youtube on PC is quite a hectic job. But thanks to these online platforms that enable us to download and convert by applying just a few steps. The above-mentioned applications not only work for the beginners but for the professional as well. Moreover, you can easily convert and download from Youtube.

Many people get stuck in converting digital media formats. To enjoy their favorite music in their favorite format, they really need to search for the tools. Making it simpler for you, I have a list of unlimited online and free tools that can help you with what you want to download from Youtube. Moreover, you can use other offline desktop apps that are available over the internet for this task. They make your task even simpler by avoiding the upload and download processes. You can check more lists here.

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