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Downloading images from Pinterest does not work, what to do?

Downloading images from Pinterest does not work, what to do?

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Pinterest is a visual discovery site designed primarily to help you find photos of things you love, like B. Home Decor Ideas, Delicious Recipes, Landscaping Ideas, and more. Most users are used to saving pins on their boards. You can also download an image from Pinterest to your computer or smartphone and save it for offline use. But sometimes there is a problem and the application cannot download the desired images. We explain how it works to save your favorite photos again.

Pinterest images cannot be downloaded to computer

The process for downloading images from Pinterest is the same in both the browser app and the smartphone app: all you have to do on a post is click the three item menu click and then “Download image“. Your file manager will open on the computer, in which you can name the file and then save it.

If you are having trouble with this process and your file manager may not even open, you should clear your browser’s cache. This is typically used to save recently downloaded web pages so you can quickly return to a page without having to download it again from the Internet. Although this feature aims to speed up your browsing experience, corrupted files can also accumulate in the cache. Here are instructions on how to clear the cache for the most popular browsers:

Images in the Pinterest app cannot be downloaded


If you’re getting an error downloading a photo on Pinterest, or if you can’t even find the file in your gallery, there are a few changes you can make to your phone’s settings that may fix the problem. Most of the time, the error is due to insufficient permissions, both from the Pinterest app and its download manager.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.


Since your iPhone’s operating system is relatively limited in terms of security, unlike Android, you don’t have many options to fix the problem. However, the easiest and most effective way is to uninstall the Pinterest app on your iPhone and then download it again. You can read here how to delete apps on iPhone.

Since uninstalling an app also deletes its data, start with a new app after reinstalling it. Thus, all temporary and faulty files that have accumulated through use are removed and you can use the application as usual again.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Open the settings your smartphone, select “app“and then touch”show all apps” to open a list of all apps.
  2. Now search this list pinterest and touch it.
  3. Then select “permissions“turn off and then make sure here”files and media“in the category”Authorized” is displayed. If not, touch it and then select “Allow” to allow Pinterest to save files to your gallery.
  4. now get back to that application list and tap on that in the top right corner three item menu.
  5. Then select “show system apps” outside.
  6. Search here for the keyword “download manager” and so “data store“.
  7. Also for these two applications, make sure that under the permissions the “files and media“Allowed are.
  8. Now you can open the Pinterest app and there via the three item menu of a publication the image to download.
  9. If changing the permissions didn’t solve the problem, uninstall the Pinterest app to re-download it later. In this way, you get a clean file of the application and possible errors are eliminated.

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