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The dangers of harmful radiation in our home are numerous, and many do not even know it various household appliances, such as computers, mobile phones, hair dryers for hair, microwave, etc. it can cause serious health problems.

Slobodan Dunjic, specialist in general medicine and doctor of integrative medicine at Pulse Serbia, says on Kurir Television that awareness of this problem is much more pronounced in the West than in our country.

“There is abuse of mobile phones, which means that we use them even when we do not need them, out of boredom. It is the most harmful, we hold it in our hands too much, we sleep with it, we keep it under a pillow. These are constant radiation glands and we do not have a peaceful sleep, our brain continues to function and apparently we sleep and wake up tired, “explained Dr. Dunjić and emphasized that children are in greater danger because their cells grow, so there are behavioral disorders, speed , hyperactivity …

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He emphasized that the phone must be at least three meters from us, because that charger also creates a low-frequency field that affects the work of our glands with internal secretion, and leads to a hormonal imbalance.

In addition, the specialist emphasizes that the phone should not be used two hours before going to bed.

Harvard announced that the blue light from the screen affects us, mainly the work of the brain, the thyroid gland, the heart and our immunity. 10 years ago we had emotional stress, and now we have electromagnetic stress, “Dunjić explained, adding that the router must be turned off overnight because its range is 250 meters.

That is why it is necessary to go to nature, he stresses, since we have become demagnetized. He says that women are in a worse situation, because they brought a hair dryer into the house for the sake of beauty, which is extremely harmful.

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It says that small radiation is not dangerous, but that radiation accumulated after five to ten years creates damage.

“There is therapy with music, colors, which restore balance to us. Read newspapers, books, habits must change. The basic things are a recipe for a long life, go to bed before midnight, drink water … Women at least two liters, men three, in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, when we are thirsty ”, he advises Dr. Dunjić.

He added that the use of metals should be avoided, because they are antennas to attract various radiation.

“Children should not watch cartoons on tablets and phones, but on television because they do not radiate,” concluded the doctor.


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