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Dragon Quest XII Announced, With Subtitles But No Platforms

Dragon Quest XII Announced, With Subtitles But No Platforms

Why do men live?“A very philosophical question that no one is really in a position to answer, but which will obviously have to be elucidated in the twelfth canonical installment of the founding father of the Japanese role-playing game. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ll know about Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, or Dragon Quest XII Erabareshi Unmei no Honoo, which we have listed here on PS4 for information only, as no platform has been communicated at this time.

The only certainty: according to its designer Yƻji Horii, this episode describes a story in a darker and more mature tone, and that will force the player to make decisions and make important decisions to influence their destiny. Another nuance: after a Dragon Quest XI considered the quintessence of everything the series has offered since its inception in 1986, Dragon Quest XII He promises to dust off the combat system and use of the controls a bit.

Finally, and possibly the most important in the eyes of fans, the game is currently in development and will be released simultaneously around the world. For the rest, we will have to content ourselves with being attentive to the slightest clue in this first video, and in the announcements that will follow over the next few months.

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