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Driver's license and ID in the Apple wallet: Arizona begins

Driver’s license and ID in the Apple wallet: Arizona begins

In the US state of Arizona, you can now manage your driver’s license and “ID card” with iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s now possible in the US state of Arizona to show your driver’s license and state ID using an Apple Watch or iPhone

. You must transfer your driver’s license and Arizona ID (a kind of identity card) to the wallet and then you can identify yourself at participating airports. Touching a reading device with an iPhone or a watch should be enough. After tapping, the user sees a request on the screen, which is confirmed via Face ID or Touch ID. There is no need to surrender or unlock the device, but a photo of the traveler is taken during the process. Another advantage compared to carrying a conventional ID card: Only the encrypted data required for identification is transmitted. The user must also accept this transmission and the confirmation via Face ID guarantees that the owner of the respective identification card has actually been identified. Apple also notes that you can search for a lost device using the “Find My?” feature, which is not possible with a lost ID card.

In Arizona, this simple identification should already be possible at select TSA checkpoints at Phonix Sky Harbor International Airport. Other states that will offer this include Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico. Apple had already announced it for the states of Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah in early September.

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Adding a driver’s license or state ID to the wallet is similar to adding a credit or bank card: after opening the application, you need to scan the front and back, and a selfie of the user is also required here. As additional security confirmation, some facial and body movements must also be recorded during registration. The minimum requirement is an iPhone 8 running iOS 15.4 or an Apple Watch 4 running watchOS 8.4.