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Dumps 60 cubic meters of waste into an environmentally restricted forest

Dumps 60 cubic meters of squander into an environmentally restricted forest

Montebuono – Carabinieri from the forest station intervened – Because the origin is unknown, the supplies have been cautiously regarded ‘dangerous’

Montebuono – The operator of a design corporation was shocked when dumping 60 cubic meters of rubbish in a forest matter to environmental restrictions. The law enforcement from the Montebuono forest station, in the province of Rieti, intervened, seizing the implies of transport applied by the guy and subjecting the afflicted region to confiscation. The employer will have to solution for the crime of squander transportation in the absence of the demanded authorizations.

Montebuono – Pours 60 cubic meters of squander into wooden subject matter to environmental limitations

“Caught red-handed whilst unloading 60 cubic meters of demolition material inside a private forest – reads the notice from the carabinieri – a 57-yr-outdated male from Rieti, operator of a construction business, was referred to the judicial authority . The soldiers from the Montebuono forest law enforcement station, who had been intervened on web-site through the usual activity of patrolling the territory, also proceeded to seize the signifies of transport utilised and the affected region ”.

“The employer,” the observe continues, “have to answer for the criminal offense of transporting waste in the absence of the expected authorizations, as effectively as for the abandonment of waste in the location that, thanks to its naturalistic significance and in thought of the environmental features and biodiversity present in it, it is topic to an ‘environmental restriction’ on the basis of the ‘Code of cultural heritage and landscape’ “.

Montebuono - Pours 60 cubic meters of waste into wood subject to environmental restrictions

Montebuono – Pours 60 cubic meters of squander into wooden issue to environmental restrictions

The observe specifies that it is “a issue that more aggravates the contested perform, also taking into account that, since the origin of the abandoned components is not recognized with certainty, they have been cautiously viewed as ‘dangerous'”.

The investigations, carried out by the Rieti prosecutor, will guide to the dedication of personal responsibilities and the magnitude of the hurt caused and the perform, if verified, could lead to an arrest of up to two years, if the dangerousness of the abandoned. waste is determined.

September 5, 2021