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DxOMark Reveals Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test Results, Here Are The Weaknesses – All Pages


Camera benchmarking site, DxOMark reveals Samsung flagship photography performance results Galaxy S21 Ultra. As a result, Samsung’s flagship smartphone earned a score of 121 points.

Galaxy S21 Ultra It has a photo score of 128 points, 76 zoom points, and 98 video points. Unfortunately, the Samsung score results Galaxy S21 Ultra even lower than Samsung’s previous flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which scored 126 points.

Weak point Galaxy S21 Ultra it is the performance of the two telephoto lenses that are not optimal because the image quality is less sharp and the color details are poor.

Both telephoto cameras use a 10 megapixel resolution sensor. But the lenses used are different, namely a lens with a focal length of 70mm (full-frame equivalent) f / 2.4 for 3x telephoto, and a periscope lens with a focal length of 240mm (full-frame equivalent) f / 4.9 for 10x telephoto.

With a 10x optical zoom range (compared to the main camera), the Galaxy S21 telephoto camera can digitally zoom better than the Galaxy S20 telephoto camera before it, although the resolution is lower (10 MP vs. 48 MP).

Typically, the medium (3x) optical zoom technique is used for portrait mode shooting, while the long-distance (10x) optical zoom is used to view the details of distant objects.

Apart from these shortcomings, the results are excellent. Galaxy S21 Ultra it’s generally considered pretty good, as cited by

However, there are notes on autofocus that are considered less stable. The noise is also slightly visible, both indoors and outdoors. For main (108 MP, f / 1.8) and ultra-wide (12 MP, f / 2.2) camera performance, DxOMARK Please note that the displayed image has accurate exposure

For video, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra obtained a score of 98 points. Video recording at 4K resolution (60fps), performance Galaxy S21 Ultra ranked on par with other smartphones like the Huawei P40 and Google Pixel 4a.

The video stabilizer function is also considered effective when the user is recording an object in a standing position. Galaxy S21 Ultra It supports video recording with Full HD resolution up to 120 fps, 4K at 60 fps and 8k with a frame rate of 24 fps.

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