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Dynamo unloaded and "short" loses 89-74 in Varese

Dynamo unloaded and “small” loses 89-74 in Varese

Two absences thanks to injuries (Bendzius and Treier) and a modest overall performance by some gamers direct to defeat in the subject guiding Varese: 89-74. A truly deflated Dinamo even over and above the absence of the two quantities “4”, certainly much less determined and aggressive than the hosts who interrupted the streak of eight consecutive victories of the Biancoblù of Pozzecco.

With out the shooter Bendzius and his natural modify Treier (the Estonian is on the bench but with an ankle), mentor Pozzecco commences with Kruskin in the quintet and Burnell goes from “4” to mark Scola. The 1st tear occurs, having said that, when Happ joins the Bilan: +9 at 9 ‘, 11-20.

The departure of Spissu and Bilan can take absent protection from Sassari’s assault, Varese recovers with a counterattack by Scola (20.22 at 11 ‘) but the return of Bilan who speaks well with Happ gives Dinamo a new tone: 20-29 a the 13 ‘. Sassari, having said that, does not make a basket from beyond the arc (/5) even though Varese does, in particular with Dougals: his fifth triple closes the shot 21-5 for Varese, constructed pretty much totally with triples: 41-34 . Happ, nevertheless, is unstoppable and Gentile’s 1st 3-pointer considering that Sassari brings each groups to relaxation: 41-39.

In the third quarter, Dinamo’s protection in the target is more cautious (superior Gentile on Douglas) and the triples of Kruslin and Spissu give hope of a turnaround that does not come: from +2 to 25 ‘to -6 of the third quarter with Varese more productive and lucid.

In the very last fraction, Spissu’s two triples lock up Bilan’s basket for the 8- that reverses the score: 62-64 in the 32nd moment. But Varese has additional energy, finds everyone’s baskets and puts up a counter attack that even Lets go 71-64 in minute 35.

The match ends there, since Spissu is too lonely and the rest of the team fades absent.

Openjobmetis Varese: Beane 4, Morse 8, Scola 9, De Nicola 6, Ruzzier 17, Strautins 11, De Vico ne, Ferrero 6, Douglas 22, Egbunu 6. Absolutely everyone. Bulleri.

Banco di Sardegna Sassari: Generally 19, Bilan 15, Treier ne, Chessa ne, Kruslin 4, Happ 15, Martis ne, Katic 7, Re ne, Burnell 7, Gandini, Gentile 7. Absolutely everyone. Pozzecco.