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E-Sports Association Schleswig-Holstein: First official state championships


The Schleswig-Holstein Esports Association is organizing the first official state championships. Source: Schleswig-Holstein Esports Association

The Schleswig-Holstein state esports association founded in June 2021 (HVE) start playing: On July 3, 2022, the first official state championships will take place. Schleswig-Holstein is celebrating a national premiere after the first publicly funded state center (LEZ SH) and one of the first two state esports associations.

The associated press release from GAMEVENTION and the Schleswig-Holstein Esports Association on Germany’s first state esports championships also announces: Players aged 14 and over compete in the soccer simulation FIFA 22, the strategy game in real time League of Legends. and Autoball Rocket League game compete against each other and fight for the title.

The overall USK age rating for all three titles is 0-12 years old. The EVSH received a €20,000 grant from the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior to organize the state championships.

Secretary of State for the Interior, Kristina Herbst, explains state funding:

“We would like to positively support the development of esports in the country. The consolidation of e-sports structures is particularly important to us. With the state championships, Schleswig-Holstein esports are offered three professionally organized tournaments, so they can get their first experience in their state and grow from it. For us, that is the epitome of promoting young talent.”

In the run-up to the championships, three qualifying cups are held for each e-sport title, in which players first have to prove their skills to advance up the tournament tree to the finals. The first League of Legends Qualifying Cup begins on April 30. With the support of the State Center for Electronic Sports and Digitization SH (LEZ SH), these and all other online games will be broadcast live.

Registration now possible

From today until April 17, 2022 those interested can contact For him OnlineSign up for the qualifiers. Game dates, participation conditions and More information about the national championships Meet in championships. One of the basic requirements for Participation: the Relationship of the participants with SchleswigHolstein Participants must also organizations like on University groups or associations are based in Schleswighave Holsteins. Players from teams without a fixed organization have to at least zu two-thirds of SchleswigHolstein come on. a cap on participants does not exist.

The finals at last July 3 offline in game and mysportsFestival Games Convention Discharged. The exact place is main stage of the event in Hall 1 of the Holstenhallen Neumunster. Also, the games in the meantime at the gaming conventionbe seen live. Also in the The regional association is supported by LEZ SH on site.

In general, Gamevention will take place from July 1 to 3, 2022. Next to state championships, the event offers a diverse Pprogram around games and mysports and It’s more.

Project manager of the EVSHDaniela Stahl State Championships can hardly suppose:

After we recently played a major role in setting up our partnership structures What the preparatory work for the state elections in Schleswigholsteins they were busy, happy us now more to finally start playing. With the state championships at the gaming convention we love the players country players and also the spectators provide an unforgettable event. and uncompromisingsportsOf course, fans are just as welcome as those who are interested. I just want to try esports.

EVAHPresident Martin Freese adds:

samechsam we want more The federal states are encouraging their Esportsactivities and more structures expand to be able to create such tournament offerings as well. next to one strong volunteer work and other supports such as gamevention as well as dthey LEZ SH does our state promotion in particular SH many possible things.”

Dnamely state champions respectively Teacher suppose next to the title to Training including boot camp at LEZ SH for a weekend to get your skills continue training.

About the Schleswig-Holstein Esports Association (EVSH)

The EVSH acts as a national association for ESport in Schleswigholstein like Specialized sports association, the EVSH acts in the fields of political work, the Networking, the traditional sport interface, support scientific work and clarification of the entire complex of topics Esports in the country. The association is based in the state capital of Kiel.

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