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EA apologizes for placing full-screen in-game ads on UFC 4

EA apologizes for placing full-screen in-game ads on UFC 4

EA apologized for incorporating full-screen in-game advertising into UFC 4 games after an angry fan protested to Reddit. First reported by Euro gamerCommercial Break Featuring Amazon Show Spots the boys, Added to the game for about $60 Next month Its the first release.

Ah EA Spokesperson wrote in a Reddit post Placement where the team turned on the game’s ad placement during a “replay” and “this type of inventory is not new to the UFC franchise”, but was usually limited to “specific main menu tiles or Octagon logos” .. “

Posted by Reddit’s r/assholedesign board pointing out the problem There were close to 100,000 votes.

EA says it disabled ads. “It’s clear from feedback that integrating ads into replay and overlay experiences is not welcome,” a spokeswoman for the company said. “Apologies for any gameplay confusion that the player may have experienced.”

Wall Street Journal Reported in July WarnerMedia ran a test ad on UFC 3 at EA and advertised several TV shows. of journal The article pointed out that gamers are well known for protesting changes such as ads that interfere with the experience, especially for premium games. EA spokesperson said the company should have had better communication with players ahead of pending changes.

“We want our players to have the best possible experience playing EA SPORTS UFC 4, so we will no longer integrate ads into our replay and overlay experiences. Let’s.”