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EA explains why not all FIFA 21 progress is moving from the current generation to the next generation • TECH GAMING REPORT


The EA explains why not all FIFA 21 progress is moving from one generation to the next.

EA offers a free next-generation upgrade using a system called dual entitlements. This means you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 on your PS4 to your PS5, or upgrade from your Xbox One to your Xbox Series X at no additional cost.

EA’s dual entitlements mean you can get a free next-generation upgrade, but not all advances will be carried over.

Of course, this is good news. Given that some publishers do not offer free next-generation upgrades. However, keep in mind that not all FIFA 21 progress will move from the current generation to the next generation.

All progress or acquired content within FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, including players, items, coins, FIFA points, match records, leaderboard placement, and all progress in Volta (FIFA Street Style Mode). , PS4 to PS5 or later, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X or later.

However, progress in all other modes, such as online season, co-op season, career mode, and professional club, is specific to the console you are playing and is not transferred between consoles.

This is clearly bad news for FIFA 21 players who are focusing on career mode, for example. This means that those who upgrade to the next generation will have to start over. This is a decision if you spend dozens of hours in a career or professional club.

What’s wrong? When asked to explain to EA, FIFA executive producer Aaron McHardy issued a statement on the matter, saying that the development team said, “The time required to enable transfer of all modes is new features throughout the game. It should be used to build improvements. “

The complete statement is:

“When we start developing a new generation of consoles, we end up with some trade-offs, so the time required to be able to transfer all modes is new features and improvements throughout the game. I decided it would be better to use it to build a. Both Volta and FUT are server-based modes, so it makes sense to focus on them as a way for players to take over progress. “

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The FIFA 21 issue here is reminiscent of an ongoing carfaffle regarding save transfers from PS4 to PS5, which affects some games. last month, Yakuza developer: Confirmed that PS4 save files cannot be transferred to PS5 version like dragon..And in early October The Codemaster said the same is true for Dirt 5...

It is worth finding out exactly what is transferred on Dirt 5. “Currently, Xbox allows us to pass on all progress between generations,” Codemasters wrote. “PlayStation can take over the creation of Playgrounds, but not the progress of other games (carrier, currency, saved coloring). We will let you know if it changes!”

As Tom Phillips mentioned in his talk on this issue, the difference between Playgrounds data (stored on the server) and personal game progress may give you a clue as to what’s going on. Hmm. There seems to be some restrictions on the PS4 data that can be accessed with the PS5 version. However, one of Sony can be circumvented to provide save transfers with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Really, only Sony can answer (and we asked).

As McHardy pointed out, FIFA’s FUT and Volta are server-based modes, so the situation in FIFA 21 follows Dirt5’s lead. However, in FIFA 21, Xbox also has issues with the progress of this game. This is strange given that Microsoft’s console has a simple cross-save feature. In fact, following the news about the PlayStation progress transfer issue, Microsoft had the opportunity to pop a bit on social media.

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McHardy’s statement suggests that there are time and resource issues when transferring progress between console generations on both the PlayStation and Xbox, and it’s not as easy as switching. In any case, FIFA 21 fans need to know what they’re looking for before buying a copy of the game that will go on sale tomorrow October 9th.

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