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EcoFlow River Pro, how to have electricity up to 200v


Good news for campers: with the invention called EcoFlow River Pro it will be possible to have a power reserve of up to 200v without having to do large jobs on mobile structures such as motorhomes and caravans, and therefore without spending too much money.

EcoFlow River Pro, the super power bank for outdoor living –

EcoFlow River Pro It is a true portable power station that has a 720 Wh battery and an integrated inverter that reaches 600W of power. The technology with which it is equipped, X-Boost, is so advanced that it is capable of powering even household appliances that absorb up to 1800W.

This power station is very advanced, it has USB and USB-C PD ports and also a 12V cigarette lighter, and it recharges thanks to the fact that the electrical network reaches 80% charge in just one hour, or it can be recharged through of the solar panel which can be optionally equipped.

EcoFlow River Pro, a giant powerbank with great resources

Camping 20211226 technology
EcoFlow River Pro is perfect for camping –

This huge and innovative power bank is therefore excellent for both campers and those who do too. Smartworking. The USB ports are useful for charging smartphones, tables, and laptops, and there are 200V AC plugs thanks to the inverter. A journalist experimented with it for a day with a colleague using it in a caravan with a colleague, connecting two computers, three telephones, a rice cooker and an electric kettle, which operate at 200V with absorption of 300W and 1kW respectively.

The battery of the EcoFlow River Pro portable power station is 720 Wh and therefore has investor integrated with 600W of power. Through technology X-Boost It is also capable of supplying energy to electrical appliances with absorption up to 1800W.

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The built-in charger allows the EcoFlow River Pro to be recharged simply by connecting it to the 220V mains with a standard cable – in an hour this huge power bank can go from zero to 80% recharging, a nice bonus for a type of Power bank so big that it actually constitutes a real generator. And above all for outdoor life it has an added value: the entrance to which it is possible to connect not one, but even two solar panels.

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In fact, among the accessories there is also the 100W panel that, with the special cable, it is possible to put one of its “twin brothers” in parallel to perform recharges in full sun at 200W in total.

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