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Education will be hybrid, “à la carte” and technological, experts say


The teaching in the lessons will not be the same as we knew before the pandemic of COVID-19. Now, it will be accompanied by various platforms digital that will allow students interact with schemes hybrids that will help reinforce your learning.

“The systems educational they are changing globally. Of course, in Mexico we are moving to a more education hybrid, more productive. The traditional scheme has many shortcomings, so it is necessary to do more personalized”Said Arleth Leal, President of Tutor, a platform digital that provides educational support through tutors from around the world.

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The education on line in our country continues to gain ground, according to a study by the Internet.Mx AssociationCurrently 51% of people who study do so through an online platform.

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However, the president of Tutor pointed out that our system educational is not ready for an online education, despite the efforts that have been made on the part of the institutions educational.

“It is not only changing the format of the class, but to understand that distance education requires new Models pedagogical very specialized and that require adequate tools. Educational models must be changed so that they can be taught correctly, especially at the higher level, where students are more flexible and it means a better training opportunity for them ”, stated Leal.

He also mentioned that the education Online was an issue that was not consolidated on the agenda of our educational system. However, with the arrival of the COVID-19, it was necessary to migrate quickly to these platforms, which exposed the lags of the traditional system.

“We wanted to transfer what we did in the class traditional to online. However, these formats are completely different. There is still much to do to make this type of teaching more efficient and to motivate students to take advantage of the education on line”, He expressed.

In addition, Leal highlighted that online education is the process from learning that involves both teachers and students in a totally digital environment where technology and learning techniques make up the educational model. This, Leal said, creates an environment highly interactive, “à la carte” and accessible at any time and from any place where the student.

They promote personalized online teaching

The start up mexican Tutor provides educational support through tutors from around the world. They provide advice to students who require it to achieve a learning cash.

“People have the possibility of educating and developing themselves, with any tutor, from any part of the world. We are becoming one community global in which anyone can have access. This, in traditional systems, was very limited, ”said Arleth Leal, from Tutorel.

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The initiative seeks to promote self-employment and, one month after its online launch, it already has around a thousand tutors among women Y youths university, who have taught an estimated 100 daily classes through the platform.

“It has been proven that processes educational They may be flexible, by providing the student with decision-making on how to adapt the teaching processes to their needs ”, stated the directive.

Projection of Tutor for this 2021 it is to end the year with 11 thousand tutors teaching their knowledge and imparting 5 thousand lessons daily worldwide.
“Through our platform we seek a personalized accompaniment, by having tools digital so that the experience is in real time ”, he highlighted.

According to platform, users demand the advice of subjects of basic knowledge like math, Spanish, physical, chemistry, learn a second language (mainly English), as well as recreational activities (tissue, lessons from home, painting) and even guidance for entrepreneurship.

Currently, Tutorel teaches around 150 subjects and courses, 75% of tutors have experience in the teaching accredited and 25% of the tutors are university students who have accredited their knowledge or skills.

The cost average by class on the platform It is 300 pesos, same as the user has the flexibility to reserve your class according to the availability of your schedules.

It should be noted that all lessons are taught in weather true Y recorded in order to safety and academic support for the student.

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