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Konami eFootball Gameplay

eFootball: Konami reveals details about the game

The franchise that replaces PES is packed with cool new features, detailed in an introductory video.

On the occasion of the Gamescom 2021, Konami took the opportunity to return to a topic that is still talked about a lot, namely the replacing your PES franchise with eFootball. Not long ago, nothing was known about this new sports gaming license, except that it was going to be available free-to-play and that it would not be released annually like its predecessor.

In a first gameplay video, Konami showed off the new gameplay tactics introduced in eFootball, giving fans of the PES license an idea of ​​what will change with this new game. With this in mind, Konami announced that the 1v1 mode will remain relevant and adorned with some improvements.

New AI and gameplay optimization

The eFootball AI has been redesigned to give players who do not have the ball on the field more freedom and to take into account the overall team playing style. Additionally, the new “Duel” camera will get closer to the player with the ball when facing an opposing player in a 1v1 duel. Then he will walk away to give you a chance to clear the ball when you can.

Regarding other game mechanics, Konami has introduced some new features, in particular taking advantage of DualSense on PS5. With adaptive triggers, players will be able to truly control the intensity and hits that are delivered to the ball. New ways to dribble and feint will also be available.

The eFootball game, announced several weeks ago, is expected this fall on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC consoles. Later this year, Konami plans to bring the title to iOS and Android mobile devices, with cross-play capability.