The next big Escape from Tarkov update is likely to arrive soon! Developer Battlestate Games announced this Wednesday via Twitter that the game’s smallest card, Factory, will soon be expanded. Until now, 4-5 player characters, called PMC, can duel each other in a small space and fight for survival by raid.

It is likely, but has yet to be officially confirmed, if the number of players will be adjusted equivalently to the revised map. Basically, Battlestate Games talks about an expansion, as well as many changes in the next update of the “Chemical Factory No.16”, as the map is fully and officially called. We still don’t know if it will be the map and how much bigger it will be.

The New Factory Map – New Screenshots

From about an hour ago, there have also been numerous new screenshots of the new Factory Map, which of course we don’t want to hide from you.

It’s also unclear whether the update will kick in on this wipe or accompany the next reboot. Battlestate Games emphasizes that the factory update will be released with one of the upcoming patches. We will keep you posted when there are more official announcements.