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EFT: New map Streets of Tarkov scheduled for release this summer


According to current plans, Streets of Tarkov should be playable in the summer. Source: Battlestate Games

In the Escape from Tarkov community there seem to be only two big topics at the moment. The vast majority of players are waiting for the next wipe, others finally want to see and explore the much-heralded new map “Streets of Tarkov” in the game. As developer and publisher Battlestate Games announced, Streets of Tarkov, SoT for short, should be by far the largest map in hardcore FPS and offer space for up to 40 PMCs at the same time.

After the map’s last unveiling as part of the third teaser video, which was shown about eleven months ago as part of Summer Game Fest 2021, it had long been silent on the main project within the genre-defining shooter. Probably the most important information to come out of the aforementioned teaser is found in the description of the video on YouTube. There it says that SoT should be implemented with the next game update 0.13. Now there is news.

Streets of Tarkov will probably still be playable in the summer

Escape from Tarkov game director Nikita Boyanov announced via Twitter that the first version of Streets of Tarkov will be released before the beginning of fall 2022. What does that mean?

“The most frequently asked question: when does the street go out? being done. we hope to see the first iteration before the fall.” Nikita Buyanov in Twitter

In all likelihood, Streets of Tarkov will not be released in one piece. We at Battlestate Games are already familiar with the procedure of integrating new maps into individual parts. Maps like Shoreline or currently Lighthouse will initially go live in a basic version and will be expanded to include new areas at a later date. We expect the same for Streets of Tarkov.

As can be seen from the quoted tweet, work is currently underway to complete the map. The first version of SoT is expected to be available to players before the start of the fall. However, a hope, of course, is not a confirmation or guarantee, so it could well be longer before we are allowed to put our own boots on the streets of Tarkov. At this point, we can only hope that the BSG developers are progressing as well as they themselves currently hope.

According to Buyanov, the big problem that still needs to be solved is performance. “Performance is a crucial point right now,” adds the game director in response to his own announcement yesterday. This statement is not surprising, as Battlestate Games is already having trouble making performance on some maps consistently good and further optimizing it.

In view of the fact that all the maps implemented so far are significantly smaller in scope and much more horizontally structured than large parts of Streets of Tarkov are likely to be, the performance issues are not surprising. This is another clear indicator that Streets will also be released in sections and probably won’t accommodate 40 PMC per raid early on. After all, Buyanov himself talks about the “first version” that the release in the summer is supposed to be about.

Escape from Tarkov – Battle for Concordia (Streets of Tarkov teaser #3)

Here you can see the latest video content for the thematic map. Streets of Tarkov aims to give us inner-city gameplay that we can’t even begin to experience in Tarkov at the moment. SoT is characterized by urban canyons, parks, construction sites, and of course numerous buildings, corridors, and rooms where close-quarters combat will be on the agenda.

Click here to view YouTube content.

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The gameplay scenes shown, where the fighting takes place, are also impressive. For example, a grenade blast shakes the hallway and not only knocks things off the wall, but also kicks up dust, which has a significant impact on visibility and lighting. Will this be implemented in the game as well? That would be new and also a reason why optimization should be even more difficult than with previously known content. You can read what other clues were in the teaser in our related article.

The community wants something different

So while Battlestate Games is currently seemingly concentrating on Streets of Tarkov in addition to preparing for the upcoming cleanup, many fans actually want other things. Reading through the dozens of comments below Boyanov’s announcement of the first iteration of Streets, a certain tone emerges: “Take your time with new content, optimize what’s already there.”

Many members of the active community would prefer to see a patch that improves the performance of already available maps. One would like, for example, a more modern use of CPU and GPU, more constant frames and the elimination of known problems that lead to a drop in frame rate.

User Chris writes something like: “Please performance everywhere, the game would be 1000000% better if it ran at 140fps smoothly and then you optimized all the little things.” Improve performance everywhere, the game would be 1000000% better if it ran at 140 FPS it would run smoothly and then you would optimize the little things.

Swavilo is also looking forward to the new content, but he’s also not happy with the current performance: “That’s exciting. I feel like on a tarkov 3080 I should get AT LEAST 160fps on all maps.” – That’s exciting, but I think with a 3080 should get AT LEAST 160fps on all maps.

And since all good things come in threes, we also mention this comment. Liam writes: “If there was a major patch that was optimization only, I’d totally agree, though I’m sure it doesn’t fit into their schedule of features that are needed before release.” , though I’m sure it doesn’t fit into their schedule of features needed before launch.”

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