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Egypt … a thief drags two girls in the street to steal a mobile phone

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Egyptian security forces managed to arrest a motorcycle thief, who jumped on two girls in the street to steal a mobile phone, and then crashed into one of them in order to escape.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry revealed the circumstances of a video clip circulated on social media, showing that a motorcyclist hijacked a mobile phone from two girls in Helwan, and while the two girls were trying to reach and detain the defendant, he collided with one. of the women when he crossed the street and managed to escape.

The official page of the ministry on Facebook indicated that through the examination the victims were identified (two students, residents of the department, “one of them had abrasions” – a housewife, a resident of the department of the department, “with a bruise in the back), and when asking the father of the two girls he supported and confirmed what was stated in the exam.

Upon completion of the search efforts, the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate, using modern technologies and tracing the escape route, were able to determine the identity of the accused (resident in the Ma’sara area).

After legalizing the procedures, he was arrested and when confronted, he confessed to committing the incident and instructed the mobile phone of his malicious client (a driver and resident of the Al-Masara area).