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Elden Ring: This is how extensive the gameplay becomes


Elden Ring launches this week! Our recap before launch on Friday. Source: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

Elden Ring is available to pre-order now and will be available on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. A few days before launch, we now have a very good overview of what the many waiting fans and players can fully enjoy starting on Friday.

With Elden Ring from developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco, we can expect a AAA action RPG in a dark fantasy setting. As we could already see from the scenes shown, heavy items like Souls are not neglected either.

The Middle Country – The Game World

As soon as you start the game, you will find yourself in the middle land. A magical place full of wonders and mysteries to discover and understand over time. We are talking about the passing of time that you will experience as you embark on the ultimate quest for the legendary and namesake Elden Ring.

The so-called “middle land” is ruled by powerful heroes descended from the lineage of Queen Marika the Immortal. In the following trailer you can see how impressive and powerful those opponents are that you will inevitably have to deal with if you want to bring your journey to a successful end.

You yourselves, however, belong to the group of the “tainted” as descendants. The Tainted are also heroes, but unlike Marika’s descendants, they were banished from Middle-earth. Now the conflict flares up again. After the Elden Ring was shattered, the Earth Tree’s essential blessings dried up. These boons serve as mercy towards the tainted, which you will also feel in the game. The middle country is divided into several regions where a wide variety of challenges await you in the form of opponents, but also places such as catacombs, mines or caves. Those who brave not particularly attractive locations and make their way through them usually receive special rewards.

A special highlight of the game world is the so-called “historical dungeon”, which consists of several connected dungeons that seamlessly border the surrounding areas and open up an underground world for you. There you can expect tasks fundamentally different from those in the upper world. In order not to get lost in the vast open world of the Elden Ring, you can use beacons and markers on the map to mark prominent and exciting locations for future reference.

If you are also fed up with manual travel through the country in between, you can optionally use the fast travel function, which allows you to return to places you have already explored. But the manual exploration should really be worth it. In particular, if you use your Stormwind horse, you can discover particularly high and hard to reach places on the map.

Elden Ring Launch Map

To help you know when to start exploring the intermission, here’s the global release map:

elden ring toss map
All departure times for the Elden Ring. Source: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

RPG factor: character design and crafting

Enough about the game world itself. Of course, the focus of every RPG is your own character. In Elden Ring you can significantly shape your own appearance, armor and abilities in relation to this. For example, you choose your focus on combat between melee, ranged, and sorcery elements. The skill selection also includes the summoning of spirits with different effects. This system is supported by an extensive arsenal of armor pieces and talents that you can choose based on your playstyle.

You also shape the way you play through your approach. You should also be able to largely decide for yourself how confrontational you are. Therefore, many opponents can be evaded through deception and camouflage; escape is also an option.

As seems to be a part of every RPG these days, Elden Ring will also give you a crafting system. On your journey, you will find a wide range of materials and resources that you can collect and then turn into valuable items. Many practical items, such as arrows, bombs, or food, can also be produced spontaneously.

The menu in Elden Ring is divided into the following categories:

  • gear / equipment
  • Elaboration of articles
  • Inventory
  • condition
  • Posts
  • multiplayer
  • system

If you didn’t know: Yes, you can also experience adventures in the Elden Ring in multiplayer starting on Friday. You can choose to explore the Lands Between and its characters with up to two combat partners, as well as search for the Elden Ring. By the way, you can download Elden Ring early from Wednesday, February 23, 2022, so you can prepare accordingly. This date applies to both the PC version and all PS5 or PS4 players. According to its managers, you should reserve about 60 gigabytes of storage space on your hard drive for Elden Ring.

ELDEN RING – Overview Trailer

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