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Electronic Arts responds to the closure of PES (eFootball)

Electronic Arts responds to the closure of PES (eFootball)

Last month, Konami shook the world of virtual football with an ad The end of the legendary Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series. Several years after sharing the title “eFootball PES”, the Japanese publisher made a drastic decision to make its main license a free game, largely inspired by mobile games. To celebrate this change, Konami has permanently removed the “PES” name to keep only eFootball.

As of this announcement, the return of the players is not very optimistic and Konami’s recent statements have helped nothing. Recently, it was the eternal rival who spoke of this change. Electronic Arts played the humility card and didn’t get wet.

FIFA 22: listen to the community first

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it’s over Your latest financial result Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, responded to the PES license change to address shareholder concerns. Often the editor plays the wisdom card and says that he is confident and thinks above all of society. Obviously, this type of change is not foreseen for FIFA 22 and later deliveries.

Statement by Andrew Wilson

As for the name change from Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball and the move to free play, we’ve already seen it happen. I just want to tell you that we are very attached to our football business. […] For our player base and continue to develop. We have listened to our community throughout the years. […] We continue to invest heavily, not just in game modes, but also in gameplay, to ensure we provide the best possible experience for our global player base. We are seeing very high demand for the next version of FIFA and the commitment to this franchise continues to grow.

Again, competition is always a good thing. We are always very careful what the competition does. But our commitment is to our player base and to launch the most complete and authentic soccer game on the planet. We believe we have the best team to do it and we look forward to continuing to do so over time.

Based on the CEO’s statement, EA Sports does not appear to be considering free action. The € 60 annual updates with FIFA Ultimate Team still have a bright future.

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