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Elysium Lost is a medieval fantasy mobile game available for pre-registration now


Chinese mobile game developer 9Splay just launched its medieval fantasy game Elysium Lost in China and other global markets in October 2021. The English-translated version is still under development, but pre-registration is now open. Mobile MMO.

9Splay may not be a particularly popular developer. The development studio, led by the board of directors of 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co Ltd, has released only one game in the West, Abysswalker. Abysswalker has been downloaded more than 100,000 times to date, with an average rating of 3.9 on the Play Store, and has been well received overall. Elysium Lost will be the next 9Splay game to be released and aims to provide an epic adventure, a dual talent system, server battles, and more.

It remains to be seen if Elysium Lost will manage to create more than just a flawless rebrand of the generic MMO formula. The initial gameplay of the Chinese version suggests that the game will have mounts, four base classes with additional subclasses, automatic battles, and plenty of reward pop-ups for you to search through your menus as you continue your journey. 9Splay Entertainment currently has around 185 employees and is working on numerous titles globally. Founded in November 2013, the company has since released a series of games targeting Chinese markets, some of which have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people.

Lost Elysium will undoubtedly go the same way as some of its other titles and will use a cash shop that will rely heavily on fiat currency. According to the official 9Splay website for the Chinese version of Lost Elysium, the ruby ​​packs range from 600 rupees for 10 US dollars, to a package of 54,000 rupees, which will cost players an astronomical sum of $ 892.49. Americans. There is no exact release date for the English version yet, but pre-registration will allow players to get an exclusive Phantom Panther mount when the game launches.

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