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Embark Studios Mysterious Open World Game Gets Teased And Makes You Want |  Xbox one

Embark Studios Mysterious Open World Game Gets Teased And Makes You Want | Xbox one

Does the name Embark Studios sound familiar to you? We’ve been following the debut of this new studio since 2018 on Xboxygen and they just shared a preview of their next title. See you at the Game Awards?

Extensive environments, quite desert

Two years have passed since Embark Studios broke their news with an artwork showing a figure on a black sand beach surrounded by ice like the one found in southern Iceland.

Today, the developers seem ready to share more with a nine-second video that gives us much more of some of the landscapes from their next project. Lots of tin on the hillside, hundreds of flamingos flying by a lake, and a large disused building are thus rendered in what appears to be an open-world game.

What is this project called? When will it be released? The study created by Patrick Söderlund (EA DICE) does not give more clues, but nevertheless it continues to turn up the sauce. We know that Phil Spencer visited the studio in November 2019 when the studio was only one year old. At the time, Embark Studios claimed to be a “fan” of everything the Xbox team brought to the games. However, nothing indicates that this is an Xbox project as the developers have not announced any platform at the moment.

What Embark Studios is preparing is very mysterious at the moment. TO amazing video The graphics engine had been shared from the beginning and we know that the studio is using Google Cloud technology to grow. All we know is that there are two projects going on: an open world game and a second title that is nothing more than a PVP shooter. I see you in Game prizes ?

Concept of an Embark Studios project