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Emolga planerà in Pokémon Café Mix ~ Pokémon Millennium

Emolga planerà in Pokémon Café Mix ~ Pokémon Millennium

A new smart customer is ready to shake orders from Pokémon Café Mix– Intrigued by the great success of the bistro, in fact, Emolga you are ready to taste the tempting delicacies prepared by Lia what if all his talented team of pocket creatures!

After anticipating its arrival in recent weeks, as we reported in a previous news item, the Petauro Pokémon definitively confirmed his imminent advent on Sunday February 7th using a post onTwitter account of the puzzle by Nintendo switch me mobile devices.

Emolga’s debut is reportedly scheduled for next Wednesday Feb. 10 and only the fifth generation monster will be (at least for some time) the last unprecedented customer to set foot in the restaurant: as always, the Coach-chefs will have the opportunity make a solid friendship with the Electric-type creature fulfilling your requests and recruit him so in the brigade of the colorful bistro.

However, to achieve this intention, players will be able to try their luck at 50 new levels, further testing one’s gastronomic skills and carrying the number of ordinary preparations from 850 to 900. At the moment it is not known which is theSkills with which Emolga will be equipped or if they are provided dishes never tried to be added to the menu.

It only remains to prepare the stove: new culinary challenges await us in the kitchen of Pokémon Café Mix!