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Enable the most interesting characters in Baldur’s Gate 3


Last week, the data showed, Larian was ashamed of all of us We are all making generic boring man In their fantasy RPG epic character creation Baldur’s Gate III.. Their point is that they gave us access to the tail and horns and the kind of eyes they could only get if they ordered special custom contacts from the piercings and bonshops. But our choice is, on average, a brown-haired priestly boy.

In response, I tried to enable the most interesting characters from both a character build and lQQk perspective. Actually, it was quite difficult.

To be fair to Larian, Clark Kent appears in the phone booth as an advertising model for the midrange family saloon, following a whirlwind change.

You must also admit that the characters you created with the intention of playing as “main” were fairly standard ranger / hermit types. So, properly burned, I decided to resume as the most interesting person in the world.

Character creators have many options, but at this point they aren’t as detailed as having a slider to resize the nose, for example.You can’t play BG3 as a compelling version [sweaty Googling for vaguely current reference that is easy target but not a politician] Simon Cowell. Besides, we are trying to make someone interesting! Snh snh snh!

I initially intended to use purple-haired Githyanki to maximize contrast, but a reference to what Larian gives us tail Playing clearly shows what they consider tiefling to be the most interesting, so I guess whatever. The tiefling is “plain touch”. In other words, because it is a descendant of the devil, it has a cool horn and shit. There are other types with plain touch, but Aasimar is the same, but for angels. I hope they will be the final release as well. I deviate: the point is that our statistically interesting characters become big horny companions.

However, I would like to point out that you are clearly not as ridiculous as we think. RunThis skin tone, called “Faytone 1” and represented as neon pink in the list of swatches, is basically a slightly tanned fairy. If we were really switching things, would Balloon Gum Pink or Cyber ​​Dog Acid Yellow really work?

Applying the

Give me neon or give me death


I decided on a dark purple skin color and spent years deciding on the eye and hair color combination to mix it in, creating the most color clashes. Similarly, you should clearly be in the green / orange / yellow area to maximize the potential for statement collisions. It also took years to decide which horn was the most “interesting”. I decided to use the largest metric that I can trust quite a bit. For example, if you see two people with horns on the street, you’re interested in a bigger person, right? After first being interested in both, I mean.

It also seemed reasonable to make the character’s build as interesting as possible. Like most people, I try to align my hometown, class, and race in the right way. My ranger was a half-elf with a hermit background and had a pretty good lineup of her proficiency, class and abilities. Besides, I can imagine a ranger as a big weirdo who roams a lot in the woods alone.

Very interesting characters are also rangers, but they are cold-resistant tieflings and their favorite enemy is the plain-touch one, hohoho. Also, their background is noble. They are from aristocrats. Eat it.

Tav a very interesting person in Baldur's Gate III. They have purple skin, a long pointed tail, blunt, green shoulder-length hair interspersed with dreadlocks, and two large black horns that extend up and down from the forehead. They have bright red-orange eyeshadow and small black tentacle tattoos around the eyes. Their eyes themselves are bright orange. There is also a small natural beard, but it is clearly bright green. As rangers, they wear a simple leather jerkin over a green tunic, leather arm guards, brown trousers, and calf high-gray boots.

I mostly made them fighters, but the ranger options were more interesting. This build can be a bit annoying to actually play. They also have tentacle tattoos around their eyes. To be honest, I’m having a hard time reverse engineering the backstory from the character build, so any suggestions are welcome.

A close-up of Tav's face, the character creator of Baldur's Gate III.  You can see Tav's tentacle tattoos in more detail. They have a small sucker and everything.

“Anyway, here’s the Wonder Wall.”

Don’t point out a color scheme like a joker. I just realized it, and now it’s too late and not interesting.

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