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End of an era for Adobe Flash Player

End of an era for Adobe Flash Player

The company Adobe stops as of today, January 1, 2021, the support and security updates of its known software Flash Player, while urging users to uninstall it before January 12, when it will block relevant content.

Flash, as it became known, was first released in 1996 and was instrumental in creating animated images and games on the Internet. It also helped early versions of websites, like YouTube, to stream videos.

However, concerns about software security and the relative slowness with which Flash has followed developments in Internet technology and the transition to the era of smartphones have gradually led to its devaluation.

In 2010 the Steve Jobs wrote his famous open letter titled “Thoughts on Flash”, in which he criticized the software and laid out why Apple would no longer allow it to “run” on its products.

The letter from Apple’s boss sparked controversy at the time, but other companies soon distanced themselves from Flash, causing its popularity to plummet.

Big companies like Facebook, the Netflix and Youtube Videos streamed to cell phones without Flash. Then, in November 2011, Adobe announced that it would stop supporting Flash for mobile browsers, but not for PCs.

The last hit came in 2014 when it was released HTML5, which provided many of the features of Flash, but did not require users to install a specific plug-in.

In 2015, Apple removed the Safari plug-in, its own web browser, and Google began blocking Flash content through Chrome.

In July 2017, Adobe announced that Flash Player would be discontinued on December 31, 2020.

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Adobe has published instructions for uninstalling Flash Player for systems. Windows and Mac OS.

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