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Entertainment Space: Google's solution for combining entertainment on Android tablets

Entertainment Space: Google’s solution for combining entertainment on Android tablets

Federica Papagni

Among the various forms chosen by consumers to enjoy, without a doubt, the healthy relaxation of their favorite movies, TV series, games and books, we find: Tablet, the perfect replacement for our smartphones or televisions, especially thanks to its screen that represents the right compromise in terms of size.

This device is also often shared in the family, which is why last year Google introduced Children’s area to let your kids under 9 years old learn and have fun with recommended apps, books and videos on Android tablets. But now the Mountain View company’s attention is focused on the other members of the family, and its intention is to offer them a new experience that combines their favorite content in a single solution.

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Entertainment space is the name chosen for this solution, thanks to which users will be able to avoid having to switch from one application to another to choose what to do, because they will have everything at their fingertips thanks to the Clock, Games and Books tabs, which like it can be inferred, they enclose their various sources of entertainment.

Google’s new tablet project will be distributed globally before the end of the year And it will be available on new Android devices, as well as some of the existing ones, such as those from Lenovo, Sharp, and many more.

Fountain: Google blog

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