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Epic Free Game Collection 2021: Continue!

When the Epic Games Store (EGS) opened its virtual doors in late 2018, many gamers were still very skeptical. One was too used to distribution platforms like Steam from the gaming giant Valve. In addition to a sales platform, Steam also offers a number of community features for free.

The lack of a community and the fairly manageable range weren’t necessarily the best selling points for the new EGS. Epic Games should have quickly become clear to you that a different strategy was needed. Above all, it had to create incentives for players to leave their usual platform, which at least they own most of the games. A great campaign was presented with the Free Game Collection. There should be at least one free game every week. A game that you can download for free, keep it permanently, but that should also build an impressive library on Epic. Why stay on Steam when I have the same games on Epic now? Something like that, the strategy behind it.

Epic has kept its word to this day, and in some cases increased the number of free downloads significantly. Most recently for the 2020 Christmas campaign. There were 15 games in the short span of December 17-31. The last game was Jurassic World Evolution, which, following the old rhythm, is free for a whole week, until January 7.

This already suggests that Epic Games will remain true to the “tradition” of the collection of free games. With the free game change on December 31st, another exciting title appeared. There will be another free game from January 7-14. So the big promotion will continue in 2021 and we can look forward to great free games.

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The new title is by the way Suns crying – A tactical rogue where you take on the role of a fleet commander and explore a mysterious fallen empire. As soon as it is activated, we will notify you.

Crying Suns Trailer

Find the game here: Suns crying

If you want to know which titles are already included in Epic Games’ free games collection, take a look here: Free Games Collection – List of all games