Epic Games has been keeping us entertained for the past few weeks with their Mystery Game promotion. Instead of announcing a free game every week, there has always been a surprise title lately. The promotion ends today with a final mystery game. Starting today you can play the open world game for exactly one week. Man eater seek and bite your way diligently through the water.

The game was made by interactive tripwire (rising storm, killing floor) and was originally released in 2020.

Man eater

In Maneater, experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas: a fearsome shark. Maneater is a single player open world action role-playing game (ShaRkPG) in which players can take on the role of the overpowering being and play the shark themselves. You have to eat, explore and become the most dangerous creature in the oceans.

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Here you have Maneater

you can yourselves Man eater from today, June 9, for exactly one week from the Epic Games Store (until June 16 at 5:00 p.m.). After that, the free game changes again and there are players. overland another free game If you want to know what titles Epic has already released for free, take a look here: Epic Games – Free Game Collection: List of all games

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