Epic Games Today Closed Playground LTM In Fortnite

Not long ago, EPIC Games announced on Reddit that Fortnite would be terminating its Playground LTM on 12th July, 2018. Respectively, Epic Games today have shut down the Playground LTM in Fortnite. The released statement acknowledged the prominent feedback from the community, and subsequently announced that the developers are beginning to work on the better and updated edition of the Playground LTM in Fortnite, and until then the mode will be stayed under construction.

For the following edition of Playground we’re looking to incorporate features that would allow team selection within the Playground itself, the developer stated. With the team selection ability the players will have the following functionalities:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s
  • Aim help for controllers
  • Editing other player’s structures
  • Traps influencing teammates/enemies effectively
  • Highlighting teammates on the map
  • Damaging enemies with your pickaxe

As per EPIC Games, the Playground LTM speaks to their initial step into what a fully creative mode looks like in Fortnite.

Since Epic Games today have closed down the Playground LTM how about we discover what it brings to the table, for the beginners who are yet to dig into this astounding mode.

Playground LTM is essentially a free in-game environment where up to 3 players can dive into the map with no danger of getting disposed of. There are in addition considerably more to do in the playground. You get the opportunity to discover a considerable loot plus you get respawned promptly if not eliminated by storm. The match takes roughly 60 minutes, and the storm circle does not start shutting in until 55 minutes have been passed.

Tell us in the comment section:

  • What are your perspectives on the team selection feature in Playground LTM?
  • What upgrades you are expecting in the following Fortnite update?

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