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Epic lashes out at Google, they wanted to take control through Tencent

Epic lashes out at Google, they wanted to take control through Tencent

The recent events of recent months have questioned many companies in the technology sector, especially after the Fortnite case that saw Apple and Epic as protagonists. In fact, news has come in in recent weeks that once again no agreement appears to have been reached, or at least not yet. In fact, everything should come to a conclusion about who is right between the two companies in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, news from a few hours ago, it seems that Epic has decided to stand out another complaint against another giant. This time Google is in the crosshairs that it seems to have acted in its own interest to try to have more control over the company that gave rise to Fortnite, especially after the birth of the partnership between the latter and Samsung.

In fact, within the documents that were delivered to the court, you can read some statements that would frame the American company. Everything had to happen in a different way than usual. In fact, Google would have wanted to buy a share of Epic from Tencent, which currently owns 40%. This is because there would never have been direct contact to close such a deal. In fact, within the document you can read: “Google acknowledged that Epic may not accept your offer. ‘As a potential alternative‘, a senior Google executive proposed that Google’would consider approaching Tencent ‘, a company that owns a minority stake in Epic, ‘both buy Epic shares from Tencent to gain more control over Epic ‘, or ‘join Tencent to buy 100%‘.

All of this would have happened after Epic’s choice to bring Fortnite to Android via the proprietary launcher, to avoid the 30% fee on in-game transactions. A bit like what happened with Apple. In fact, the American company was scared by this move that could also affect other developers who follow in Epic’s footsteps. they would have left the Google Play Store for something elseor by making applications or games available in other ways. In all this, Google was already in the process of activating a “secret” project to finance developers “Exit risk” with special agreements.


At Epic, obviously, this move was not made and here is the birth of this lawsuit and the deposition of documents in the state of California. Therefore, it seems that the the legal battle is not over yet and that a new case could soon be opened, like Apple’s. We will see the implications for the title on mobile platforms.

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