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[ERROR antes de continuar]Explorer.exe occupies 99% of memory! Win 11 new ERROR eats RAM madly and causes game performance freeze / degradation-HKEPC Hardware


[ERROR antes de continuar]Explorer.exe occupies 99% of memory!
Gain 11 new RAM-eating BUGs with madness, causing game performance degradation or lag

Text: Roy Chan / News Center

Known as “Multi-BUG,” Microsoft officially released the new Windows 11 operating system on October 5. However, it appears that Microsoft has brought the “multi-BUG” situation from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Recently updated Windows 11. Startup says “ERROR”, astonishingly high memory usage will appear in Windows Explorer file explorer .

Recently, many gamers have found that the game performance has decreased after updating Windows 11. AMD also confirmed that the reason for the decrease in game performance is due to the new VBS feature of Windows 11. However, it seems that there is no a single problem. , there is another bug that works secretly: Land affects many users. According to “BUG”, gamers complained that Windows 11 is clearly not occupied by extremely high system memory. In the event that “RAM has been consumed”, the performance of the entire system suffers and also has a negative impact on the performance of the game. resulting in squares The rate falls.

Windows ERROR 11

Usergyrohan269 In a post on Reddit, he noted that “Whenever I open Windows Explorer and close it, the memory that was originally occupied does not decrease after closing the program. Instead, it will increase the utilization rate by a few MB. For example: When I turned on the computer, Windows Explorer was using 60MB, and when I randomly opened a file, it increased to 80MB. When I closed the same file, the memory usage only dropped to 70MB instead of 60MB. “

Windows ERROR 11

After gyrohan269 opened and closed multiple files multiple times, Windows Explorer’s RAM usage kept increasing and eventually reached 1GB, and all open files were actually closed.

Windows ERROR 11

To solve the unknown “RAM was consumed” problem, gyrohan269 said that Windows Explorer should be closed in Task Manager and the computer can only be restarted when it is more serious. If the user does not know that the ERROR exists in Windows Explorer, they may not be able to continue using the system due to too much RAM occupied.

Windows ERROR 11

Regarding the high memory usage problem this time, some users reported that when opening a folder, the memory usage rate was even as high as 70-99%, which means that it can be pasted directly to the screen and not it can be moved and it cannot be done. Anything else.

Windows ERROR 11

Currently, Microsoft noted that they have added some fixes to the Windows version 11 Build 22454 update to alleviate errors that appear when using Windows Explorer. However, this update is only available to testers on the Dev channel, and general users may have to wait again. The problem will take a few weeks to resolve.

Windows 11

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