Escape from Tarkov: The Best Time to Access the Pier Boat

In Escape From Tarkov, some people have been having trouble extracting the boat from the Shoreline and they’re not sure why. Forums have been bombarded with questions regarding why it doesn’t work, whether or not if there’s a bug, and more. With this guide, we’ll help you determine when the best time to access the Pier Boat is and we’ll give more useful info about the Shoreline itself.

What Exactly Lies Ahead Along the Shoreline?

The Shoreline is a location in Escape from Tarkov that makes up a large part of the outskirts of Tarkov and is located next to the Port. The area houses a partially abandoned village, modern private housing, an agricultural field, long stretches of beach, a boating facility, a gas station, a weather station, and a cellular tower—among other commercial facilities. Its main point of interest is the Azure Coast health resort which consists of several luxurious buildings. The Shoreline is the largest map in the game and gives players many places to explore to find loot as well as more open space for firefights. Moreover, the Shoreline is home to all sorts of loot since it’s the largest map of the game to date, so be sure to be on the lookout for cheeky little stashes of loot lying around the vicinity.

Extracting the Pier Boat

The Pier Boat can be a tricky thing to handle, and there’s a substantial amount of people who are confused regarding when exactly is the best time to access the Pier Boat. Recent reports have shown that there are some people that are unable to extract the boat on their runs, while there are also people who are saying that, based on their gameplay, the boat is always there on the pier and they’ve extracted from that area a lot of times already. This is an annoying bug, especially for new players who haven’t gotten around the Shoreline too much due to its difficulty. So much so that it just may cause players to set the game down for a while.

Apparently, the Pier Boat was bugged back then, making it open for extraction to some, while being time-dependent to others. It’s a known bug during the last patch update, but the developers of Escape from Tarkov have finally fixed the issue. Compared to reports of the boat altogether disappearing, it’ll always be there now. In order to know if the boat is active, you will have to check if the lights on the boat are blinking, that tells you that you can access and extract the boat from there and get Escape from Tarkov Items and loot.

Help! I’m still having a Hard Time Extracting the Boat!

If you’re still having trouble trying to extract the Pier Boat no matter how much you visit it, you can get the same exact items that you can loot from there on our Escape From Tarkov tradingpage. There are loads of cool loot that you can use and lots of items that you might fancy. Besides that, we also have Roubles and item cases up for grabs as well as power levelling services if you’re having difficulty leveling up.