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Esports: is it sport or hobby?


The esports audience is growing, millions of people watch the biggest tournaments, and prize pools are also growing. So there is a frequent quest – what is esports now? Previously, it was considered to be densely connected with games – like a hobby, a way of entertainment. Now, there is a real industry around it, everything has become way more complicated, and it definitely claims to have the status of a sport.

How everything started

Esports has grown from multiplayer modes in games. Initially, there were disciplines where everyone played for himself and there was no prize pool in most cases – it could be some kind of computer accessory. It was obvious to everyone that it was only a hobby, trips to tournaments only were considered an expense, so once players became mature they had to retire just to make a living.

But things were changing slowly: prizes had grown, so the best players could earn enough. Organizations and sponsors emerged and it brought more stable incomes and allowed more esportsmen to make money by playing – they have become professionals. Besides, more people started working around tournaments – they organized them, hosted broadcasts, etc, and all of them have begun receiving salaries.

A career or just a game

Of course, relatively few people can make a living on esports. The majority of players can’t make it to the top level, so they have to leave and apply for different professions. And still, it is not just games: you can hold a degree of esportsman in a few universities – the Koreans have become pioneers as usual.

Teenagers are motivated by the examples of successful esportsmen, so they frequently consider playing games as a preparation for their further careers. If your kid decides to become an esportsman, there will be no need to oppose it. Try to make him understand all aspects – because this profession has lots of difficulties and very few people achieve results. The website is useful for education – it will help to follow the esports news.

Esports is a sport by all accounts

Esports has all accounts of a sport: strict rules, the comparable abilities of participants, practices, and the emergence of interpersonal relationships. So there is no reason to state that this is not a sport, despite there still being discussions.

The main controversial thing is that competition is happening in the virtual environment, which is called an example of sportification sometimes – it means taking sports elements into a non-sport activity. Anyway, players have to show their talent and diligence and become better than most opponents to achieve victory. 


The examples of tournaments with giant prize pools, such as The International 2022, convince many young players that esports is a real sport and a hobby that can become a profession. Only the best ones will succeed but things are similar in regular sports: playing football is a hobby for the majority of people.

Herbert Wise
Herbert Wise
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