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Esports - T1 Eliminate China's JD Gaming in LoL Worlds Semifinals - Sports

Esports – T1 Eliminate China’s JD Gaming in LoL Worlds Semifinals – Sports

Atlanta (AP) – T1 defeated JD Gaming in the first semifinals of the League of Legends World Championship. In his fifth world final, superstar Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok secured a record.

“In our last match against Gen.G we couldn’t do anything and just lost. This time we will try harder,” Faker said in a post-match interview about the possible final duel, according to a translation. “We are a different team now, it would be our chance to prove it.”

After the quarterfinals, a clear picture emerged: three of the semi-finalists were Korean teams, only JD Gaming remained from the Chinese league. But the team only won the first game in a semifinal plagued by team fights, T1 prevailing with three games played in a row.

The upcoming Korean World Cup final will be the fifth for T1 and Faker to have their first title on the line since 2016. With then-jungler Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong since taking over as team coach, a win could make Faker the only LoL player with four world championships.

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