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“Essential ROLES FOR Persons With no Abilities”


MATERA. While the M5S, discouraged by the abandonment of the group by the ex-pentastellata Milia Parisi, accuses the councilor on social networks of acquiring made a gesture that contravenes the famed and quite magic formula “loyalty pact”, a different torpedo has already began to deal with the Bennardi administration. This time it was the transfer that hit the mark, which truly experienced the heaviest penalty in the modern council reorganization.

This is the Volt motion that, allow us also bear in mind thanks to the maneuver of the “dissidents”, lost two councilors, Acito and Corti, the head of the press Locura and, many thanks to an interior conflict, located by itself dropping three municipal councilors, keeping with Liborio . Nicoletti by yourself. It should also be mentioned that the total exclusion of the Volts from the administration burns even extra because the latest new councilors Cotugno and Pistone, alongside with councilors Paterino, Visaggi and Di Lecce ended up all initially from the Volt. But following an interior dispute, Paterino and his companions left the group of the Volt council that immediately later on almost disintegrated and, giving increase to the group “Campo Democrático”, managed to destroy the former companions Acito, Corti, Follia and Nicoletti and have conquered strategic positions. in the town hall and in the departments.

Now, having said that, the Volts are no for a longer time there and likely on the counterattack they declared: “The craze of administrative exercise has been registering a series of crucial points in latest months that operate the danger of severely compromising the chance of implementing the coalition plan that It has won the elections to the Municipality of Matera, by now strongly distorted by the incorporation of old political figures.

It is worrying that key roles in the Administration have been entrusted to entirely unskilled folks, ‘added the Volt. Among the other noteworthy deficiencies attributable to the Bennardi administration, the Volt highlighted: “the suppression of the Office of Athletics, the absence of a Councilor for Tourism, the” archive “of the Pact for tourism and the misrepresentation of preceding pointers in issues of city environmentally friendly spots ”.

What concerns the Volts are also “the uncertainties and setbacks that the administrative device is giving with regard to personnel management and personal bankruptcy strategies.” So if this is all the “obvious photograph of the state of affairs,” then the Volts mentioned: “We cannot be surprised by the political result of the Giunta reshuffle that really should have strengthened the the greater part of the council and as an alternative It is not even sure that it continue to exists, both politically and numerically ”.

Finally, recalling “the sense of obligation manifested also on the situation of the past Town Council”, the Volt Matera specified: “This responsibility really should not be puzzled with uncritical adherence to erroneous decisions, nor must it direct to indifference to gratuitous and disorderly decisions “. attacks, due to the fact of how veiled, these as the 1 launched yesterday by a the vast majority political drive, evidently struggling with the unease and nervousness created by the situation described ”.

Matera, the motion that was remaining by yourself with Councilor Nicoletti, emerges and highlights all the shortcomings of the aged bulk allies

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