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Everything You Need to Know About Supercell Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile games today. The game was developed by the Finnish company Supercell, who is also responsible for the development of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game was globally released on December 12, 2018 and became fully accessible one and a half years after the beta phase. Brawl Stars is a free to play multiplayer strategy shooting mobile game with multiple game modes available to players. You can unlock all the features of the game without paying a penny, which makes this game very friendly for players to play for free. New players may struggle with the game, but with effective learning and proper practice, anyone can master the game. This is a beginner’s guide to help players just getting started with Brawl Stars.

The beginning of the journey

Once you’ve downloaded Brawl Stars, you’ll need to take part in a required short tutorial that explains how the game works. Brawl Stars is a simple mechanism with only three buttons. Blue joystick The left side is for movement, Red button The right side is for attack, “Super” will be charged when attacking Yellow button Below the attack button. The first Brailer you will get is Sherry, a decent shotgun Brailer who will do a lot of damage up close. We recommend connecting your Supercell ID immediately after entering the game and before opening the box. Barley (an unusual brawler) and his wizard barley skin are readily available.

Supercell Brawl Stars Wizard Barley
Supercell Brawl Stars Wizard Barley

Barley is a thrower and can throw attacks from far away, over walls.

What you need to know

all Brawler It can be earned by opening the box, and you will get a brawler by chance depending on the rarity while opening the box. Brawler rarity is classified as follows.

  1. Trophy road: Earn with Trophy Road rewards
  2. rare: Box/jewel
  3. Super rare: Box/jewel
  4. Masterpiece: Box/jewel
  5. mythology: Box/jewel
  6. legendary: Box/jewel

There are 3 types of Brawl boxOffers, Coins, Browers, PowerPoint, Star Power, Tickets, Token Doubler, and the last free gems:

  1. Regular brawl box: 100 tokens required
  2. Super brawl box: Requires 10 Star Token
  3. Mega broll box: Jewel/Trophy Road

item What you get from the box has a specific purpose that helps the game progress.

  • token: Can be acquired by playing (20 tokens can be charged in 2 hours and 24 minutes, and up to 200 tokens can be accumulated and acquired)
  • Star token: Earn by winning the first game for every spin of the map
  • coin: To upgrade the brawler
  • power point: Requirements for upgrading the brawler
  • Star powers: Browler’s additional skills that can be acquired from the box after the brawler reaches power level 9
  • tickets: Requirements for playing special events every weekend
  • Token doubler: To double the token
  • jewelry: A rare currency where you can buy most items, brawlers, and skins
  • Star point: A special currency earned through rewards for seasons, power plays and championship challenges. Can be used to purchase special skins and brawl boxes.
  • experience: Level up your profile and provide a few tokens each time you level up

Trophy It is the backbone of the game and earns or loses trophies depending on the outcome of the game.

  • Brawler Trophy: Each Browler has its own trophy count and rank, and Browlers will rank up according to the trophies they earn. The current rank limit is 1250 trophies and rank 35. You can push over 1250 trophies, but your rank will not increase further. Beyond 550 trophies (rank 21) for a given brawler, the trophies will decrease and earn starpoints depending on how much you push after each season. You will receive a reward of 10 tokens each time your Brauler ranks up. Each blower also has a leaderboard.
  • Total trophy: The total trophies are determined by the sum of trophies of all the brawlers, and you can earn trophies road rewards for each milestone reached such as brollers, new events, tickets, roll boxes, powerpoints, coins and more.
  • Power playpoint: A scoring system different from the trophies. You can win or lose. Power play game. You can earn Starpoints as a reward, depending on the number of points you earn during the season.

both Regularly & Power play Season It will last two weeks.

Brawl Stars offers multiple game modes for games

  • Gem grab (First slot rotation): In order for one team to win, they must hold at least 10 gems for 16 seconds. The countdown will fail if someone dies and the number of gems falls below 10, or if both teams have the same number of gems. (3V3)
  • Confrontation (4th slot rotation): Battle royale mode played by 10 players. There is a choice between solo and duo, paired with modifiers depending on the rotation.
  • Brawl ball (Second slot rotation): The team with the first two goals wins. If the game is a draw after the timer expires, the game will be extended for 1 minute, if it is a draw. (3V3)
  • Bounty (3rd slot rotation): The team with the most stars wins, each player is spawned with 2 stars at the start, 1 star is added to the player, up to 7 stars on each kill. (3V3)
  • robbery (3rd slot rotation): If the first team that destroys an opponent’s vault wins and the timer expires, the team with the most HP in the vault wins, and if the percentage is the same, it is a draw. (3V3)
  • Siege (3rd slot rotation): The same way to win robberyHowever, you need to pick up the bolt for a few seconds. Teams that have added bolts will generate siege robots at regular intervals, making it easier to take out the opponent’s IKE turret (range). (3V3)
  • Power play (6th slot rotation): A personalized scoring system that includes all the above modes. Only available to players with at least one Starpower blower.
  • Special event (5th slot rotation): Available every weekend and play with tickets. Currently 3 different modes Boss fight, Big match, Robo rumble..
  • Championship challenge (Additional slot): It is available once a month and is open to all players. If a player can get 15 wins before 4 losses, then that player has the chance to participate in the regional qualifying, World championship.. (3V3)
  • Seasonal event (Additional slot): A new event that Brawl Stars will introduce for a limited time. Past events: Cemetery shift, Current looting, Hot zone..

One of the main attractions of Brawl Stars is the wide variety of events. This differs from traditional games, which only include a few gameplays. This motivates the player to win mastering either on a particular brawler, game mode, or general mastering of the game.

Released on February 24, 2020, 16:14 CET

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